Dream Evil

BiografieIn the fall of 1999, Fredrik Nordström - famous producer and owner of Studio Fredman
(Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, In Flames, The Haunted etc) saw an opportunity and seized it.

For several years he had nurished a dream of forming a melodic 80s style metal band, but it
wasn´t until he met the young guitar virutouse Gus G during a vacation in Greece that his
dream started to take shape and form.The two hit it off right away, and shared alot of musical
taste and ideas despite the 13 years age difference.

Shortly after Gus got on a plane to Gothenburg, Sweden where the two instantly began writing material.

They thought of which other musicians that would fit into the supergroup they intended to form.

The gothenburg based drum legend Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Mercyful fate, Memento Mori, Notre Dame etc) was introduced to the idea but declined. He would later agree to record the
album as a session drummer though.

Niklas Isfeldt who had with his crystal clear voice blown everyone away, doing backing vocals on some Hammerfall recordings that Fredrik produced . He was called down to
the studio to give it a try and from the very moment he opened his mouth on top of the rough demo they´d recorded, it was obvious that he was the man for it. He brought along his good bass player friend Peter Stålfors.

They soon signed a record deal with Century Media Records and intended to name the band Dragon Slayer after the lyrical concept of their first opus.

Century media somehow disapproved of the name and suggested they´d use it as the album title instead. Inspired by the Dio album they took on the name of Dream Evil. But It wasn´t until the album´s pictures were shot that all of the five guys got together in the same room.

On April 15th 2002 their debut was released and the response was astonishing with both the metalfans and the media. Dream Evil got voted one of the best upcoming band of 2002 and got top notch rankings in the majority metal magazines. With a few exceptions in the more

Extreme metal magazines where Snowy´s other band Notre Dame (who coincidently also released an album on that very same day!) stole that spot, while Dream Evil was surpassed to the lower regions and vice versa.Quite funny! You can´t please everybody all the time.

Within weeks Dragon Slayer reached no 1 on the import charts in Japan. During the summer
Dream Evil played lots of shows, Wacken Festival, Sweden Rock, 2000 Decibel to mention a few of the more important ones. They also supported Blind Guardian on their Sweden dates.

Not knowing one another too well from before the members discovered that they shared the same sense of humour and together they had tremendous fun, which plays an important role with D-Evils.

Snowy decided to not just be a session drummer anymore and Dream Evil had become a fullforce democratic unit, with 5 individual songwriters.

By now rumours were heavy in circulation regarding Niklas and Peter´s involvement with the mysterious underground cultband Pure-X.

In October they toured Japan for the first time, which was a very pleasant experiance. Meanwhile in Japan a great offer had come up to support Hammerfall on their upcoming European tour in February/ March 2003. The record company thought it would be good idea to have a brand new album out by then, which meant they had to enter the studio months earlier than planned.

So with songs written on the flight back from Japan and a bunch of rough ideas that Niklas and Peter had prepared in advance, they rushed into Studio Fredman to follow up their debut´s success.

An intensive two weeks followed where they practically recorded the songs the same moment they were written. The whole album was mixed and finished in two and a half weeks!

They had written a new chapter in the book of heavy metal and proved that they were made of metal and wouldn´t crack under pressure.

Evilized hit the stores on the 20th of January and they went on to tour Europe with Hammerfall and Masterplan.

In June, only 6 months later they went back to Japan a second time.

By this time Gus had established a guitar hero status for himself and appeared as the coverboy of japanese Young Guitar as well as features in numerous others. It was a glorious return with sold out shows and massive medial back up.

Evilized which was a heavier and more mature album than its predecessor managed to turn most of the metal world´s previous sceptics over, who reluctantly had to admit their formula of catchy melodic songs, spiked with heavy metal clichés and a big dose of humour, wasn´t so bad after all.

Adding highlights such as Made of Metal and Children of the night to Heavy Metal in the night and Chosen Ones from the first album which are by many already considered metal classics.

In October after some months of delay, they finally released the advanced 4 track single including the video clip enhancement Children of the night, filmed at the Gothenburg show on the Hammerfall tour.

They promoted the single playing an accoustic set at various radio shows, one man short. Snowy was filling in on guitar though Gus was touring with his side project Mystic Prophecy.

The time had come to began working on their prestigious third album, with no less prestigious title than The Book Of Heavy Metal. The goal was set high and the intentions were to make this one a less stressful process and a masterpiece. Lots and lots of material were written. Snowy alone wrote more than 20 songs! But in normal Dream Evil style they would enter the studio completely unrehearsed, a few days before X-mas...

...and were done by the first few days in February.

In late March they shot a promotional video with the phenomenal video director Patric Ulléus
(Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, In Flames, Rollergirl etc) for a shortened version of the title track.

The first chapter single and the video is released on the 26th of April.

The album is released world wide on the 31th of May. with a bonus DVD for the limited version.

Guest apperances;

Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) Metal Mike (Halford, PainmuseuM) Stefan Elmgren (Hammerfall)

Quelle: Dragonslayer

2003 Evilized

2003 Children Of The Night (MCD)

2004 The First Chapter (CD - Single)

2004 The Book Of Heavy Metal

2006 United

2010 In The Night


Dragon Slayer - Cover
Dream Evil sind eine weitere Melodische Power Metal Combo aus Schweden, denen es jedoch gelungen ist, mit ihrem Debütalbum "Dragon Slayer" nicht sämtliche vorhandene Bands einfach zu kopieren.
Evilized - Cover
Es ist nicht mal ein Jahr her, da verzückten die schwedischen Metaller von DREAM EVIL die Metal-Gemeinde mit ihrem zwischen alten Europe und Hammerfall angesiedelten Debüt "DragonSlayer".
In The Night - Cover
Wie schreibt das Label so schön: „Mit der Veröffentlichung von „Gold Medal In Metal“ stellte sich aber auch eine kurze Periode des Winterschlafes für DREAM EVIL ein.“ Und ich d
The Book Of Heavy Metal - Cover
Ich weiß gar nicht, wie lange es her ist, dass ich die letzte richtig geile True Metal - Scheibe in der Hand hielt.