Tad Morose

BiografieTAD MOROSE was originally formed in 1991 by Christer "Krunt" Andersson, Per-Ola "Rossi" Olsson and Dan-Erik
"Danne" Eriksson. Shortly thereafter Anders "Wispen" Westlund joined. During the summer of 1992, they played
various gigs in their hometown of Bollnäs, Sweden. Wispen left in late 1992, and TAD MOROSE was left without a singer. The music then took off in a different direction.

In March 1993, they entered the Wave Station Studio in Ljusne, Sweden and recorded their first and only demo tape.
During those recording-sessions Danne´s friend Kristian "Krille" Andrén visited the studio, and began experimenting
with lyrics and vocals. The result was so fantastic that they recorded it. Kristian was added to the line-up. Record
labels, however, seemed unresponsive until mid August 1993 when Börje Forsberg, the president of Black Mark Production, heard the tape and immediately signed them.

Around the same time, keyboard player Fredrik "Frippe" Eriksson joined the band and in mid September. The debut
album "Leaving The Past Behind" was recorded. Like the demo, it was recorded by mastermind Uffe Pettersson and
produced by TAD MOROSE. Leif Edling of Candlemass had been sent a copy of the demo which Borivoj Krgin, of the US magazine Metal Maniacs, promptly "stole" and subsequently reviewed. Thus, bundles of overseas fan mail began pouring in.

"Leaving The Past Behind" was released on the first of November 1993 in Europe and shortly thereafter in Australia
and Japan where it sold 3000 copies in a little less than a week! In Australia it reached no.13 in the Metal Labyrinth Top 20. In Germany, Rock Hard voted it Record of the Month in their November issue: "Very powerful, compact and
melodic songs with a touch of progressive metal. An incredible mixture Of Metallica and Dream Theater". - Frank
Albrecht of Rock Hard.

In mid summer 1994, just two weeks before TAD MOROSE was scheduled to record the second album, Danne quit the
band due to personal problems and musical differences. The recordings were postponed until a suitable, replacement
could be found. Fortunately, the band recruited Peter Morén, a true soul mate.

So, in mid October they once again entered the Wave Station Studio to record Sender Of Thoughts. Shortly thereafter
Rossi was replaced by bassist Anders "Modden" Modd, leaving Christer as the only founding member. With this release, TAD MOROSE established themselves as one of the finest acts in Power Metal.

TAD MOROSE hit the road in Germany, for the Black Mark-festivals, playing with bands like CEMETARY, MORGANA
LEFAY and MEMENTO MORI. The crowds hailed the band, finally to be seen in a live-situation on the continent. Mike
Wead, (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori, Bible Black, and what not) was so impressed with the band`s
live-performances, he offered to help the guys out producing their upcoming mini-album, "Paradigma", released in fall 1995. This release offered 5 tracks, showing that the band continued to develop their skills as songwriters, and making the music they know best - melodic heavy metal with progressive stuff here and there.

Unfortunately, all was not as well as it seemed, and after the release of "Paradigma", singer Kristian Andrèn left the
band to join Memento Mori. TAD MOROSE faced a creative downer in their career. No tours, no lust for song writing,
and no singer. After a few auditions they found what they were looking for in Urban Breed. This was late 1995, and the
honey of creativeness was flowing again. The new singer brought a lot of fresh ideas into the band. On the album "A
Mended Rhyme", released in 1997. The band took their melody lines further, without losing the heaviness in the material.

In August of 1998 Fredrik "Frippe" Eriksson left the band for personal reasons. Rather surprisingly, in October they
enrol the services of Daniel Olsson. The band was moving once again in a more aggressive direction by adding a
second guitarist and placing less of an emphasis on the keyboard driven material of the past, opting for a more
streamlined harder edged sound. The new material was more raw and powerful and the band had a new found drive.

Feeling unsupported by their label they negotiate and actually come to an agreement. They left Black Mark, took a few steps back to assess the situation. Almost a year and a half after the break with Black Mark they teamed up with
Century Media. They decided to try a new studio located in Bollnäs, so in june 2000 they entered Studio Soundcreation
to record the album "Undead". More alive than ever they presented their best and most elaborate musical achievement
so far. The Undead album was released later that year. About the same time Black Mark released the “Reflections”
album, which is a compilation album of TAD MOROSE songs previously released by Black Mark.

The band spent the next year playing various shows around Sweden and started to write songs for the next album.
“Matters of the Dark” was released in early 2002. This album continued on the heavier path set on the previous release “Undead” and was recorded at the same studio. In spring of 2002 the band set off for a European tour together with NWOBHM legends Demon and the German band Chinchilla. Various shows around Sweden followed and even saw the band performing 2 shows in 2 different cities at the same night! In June TAD MOROSE made their first show in the US at the Milwaukee Metal Fest.

The band spent the later part of 2002 writing songs for the “Modus Vivendi” album which was recorded during the spring 2003. Again they chose Studio Soundcreation in Bollnäs. The album was mixed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. In june TAD MOROSE headlined one of the stages at the famous Sweden Rock Festival in front of a huge crowd. This show is considered by the band to be one of the best shows so far. “Modus Vivendi” was released in the autumn of 2003 and was very well received by the fans and media around the world. This album is considered, by not only the band, to be their most “complete” album so far.

In May 2004 TAD MOROSE toured Scandinavia together with Nocturnal Rites and Edguy and spent the summer playing various festivals and shows in Sweden. In September TAD MOROSE flew back to the US for a show at the classic BB King´s in New York with Edguy and for an appearance at the famous Prog Power Festival in Atlanta. That show in Atlanta is very special to the band and one of the best shows they have done so far. The response from the huge crowd was overwhelming to say the least, and the band was stunned by reaction from the fans. After arriving in Sweden the following week they played a show on the Sweden Rock Boat. This was the first time the band played on a cruise ship!

TAD MOROSE spent the following winter writing songs for the next album, but things didn´t flow as usual and tensions
within the band started to affect everything.

However, in April 2005 TAD MOROSE headed back to USA for an exclusive show at the Chicago Powerfest and spent the following summer playing various shows around Sweden again and trying hard to write new songs. In the autumn of 2005 Tad Morose did their first show in Norway at the Scream Fest in Oslo. This was to be the last show they did with Urban Breed as their lead singer. Things had not been the same within the band after that Scandinavian Tour with Edguy. Urban had distanced himself more and more from the rest of the band and it had now come to the point that it
just didn´t work out anymore. So Urban left the band in late 2005.

TAD MOROSE immediately started to look for a new lead singer and they spent the rest of the winter listening to
audition tapes and trying out singers. The band got a suggestion from Håkon Grav of Scream Magazine to get in touch with Joe Comeau (ex Overkill, Annihilator, Liege Lord) and so they did. After listening to Joe´s audition tape the choice was easy. Joe flew over to Sweden in mid 2006 for rehearsals and some club and festival shows such as the Karmoygeddon Festival in Norway. Joe´s powerful voice fitted the music very well and they spent the following year writing new material for the next album.

But this period was a bit of a downer for the band and they seemed to get nothing done. They got sacked by Century
Media and in the autumn of 2007 Danne Olsson all of a sudden decided to leave the band. During this time Anders had moved to another city due to job situations and was asked to join Wolf since they were looking for a bass player and Peter had joined Steel Attack since they needed a new drummer. They were both still in TAD MOROSE but nothing was happening at the time and they wanted to play, not just sit around waiting for something to happen. By this time it nearly came to the end of TAD MOROSE, it was just not fun anymore. Too many problems and everything just seemed impossible, and the more they tried the harder it got. But they finally decided that giving up was not an option. They felt they had so much more to give. So after a period of pure vacuum the band started to look for a new guitar player. And in early 2008 Markus Albertsson (ex Bloodbound) joined the band and he brought in tons of fresh ideas and youthful eagerness. Shortly after this Anders left the band. He had been a part of TAD MOROSE for 13 years and it was not an easy decision for him to make but he felt he would only hold the band back since he couldn´t contribute as much as needed any more. And things didn´t turn out the way the band wanted with Joe, so he was asked to leave in the summer of 2008. That was a hard decision to make for TAD MOROSE, but they wanted to get back to being a
rehearsing and working band as they were in the beginning. By Anders Modds suggestion they asked long time friend
Tommi Karppanen (God Awful Machine, Sefer Jezirah, ex Morgana Lefay) to handle the bass. His answer was: “about
fucking time you asked me!”

Soon after that, Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack) joined TAD MOROSE as the new lead singer. Ronny and Peter grew up
in the same city and Tad Morose had played shows together with bands Ronny had been singing in many times over the years so they all knew each other pretty well. It was Ronny who asked Peter to join Steel Attack so Peter just said:
“hey, I played drums on your album, now you better sing on ours” In fact, Ronny was asked to join TAD MOROSE a few years earlier when Urban left the band, but due to bad timing with Steel Attack it just didn´t work out back then.

With this line up TAD MOROSE continued the work with that long awaited album as well as rehearsing for up and coming shows. And on July 9th 2009 they did their premiere show together at the Rockweekend Festival in Sweden.

The following years was spent the same way, writing, rehearsing, recording, playing various club shows around
Sweden but never really getting anywhere. Markus decided to leave the band in autumn of 2011. The rest of the band had also become more and more involved in yet another Bollnäs band, Inmoria (founded by ex TAD MOROSE drummer Dan Eriksson) recording two albums and doing club shows and a UK Tour during 2011 and early 2012.

However the will to get TAD MOROSE back on track again grew stronger and stronger during this time and with the
addition of a new guitar player, Kenneth Jonsson (ex Torch, The Citadell) in early 2012, things could finally start to
move in the right direction again. With a bunch of shows and festivals under their belt and that loooong awaited album “Revenant” finally recorded in 2013.Quelle: - Leaving The Past Behind

1995 - Welcome To The Black Mark Festivals '95 (Split)

1995 - Sender Of Thoughts (Single)

1995 - Sender Of Thoughts

1996 - Paradigma (EP)

1997 - A Mended Rhyme

1998 - Demo 1998

2000 - Reflections (Compilation)

2000 - Undead

2002 - Matters Of The Dark

2003 - Modus Vivendi

2013 - Revenant


Matters of the Dark - Cover
Die Bollnäsen sind wieder da und haben einen alten Bekannten mitgebracht. Auf dem Titelstück bölkt Lefay-Kamerad und Mitsauf-Näse Charles Rytkönen zusammen mit Vocalist Urban Breed.
Modus Vivendi - Cover
Nach fünf überdurchschnittlichen und teils sehr guten Alben knallen uns die Schweden, die übrigens aus demselben Städtchen (Bollnäs) wie die Power Metal-Götter LEFAY stammen, ihr sechstes Studiowerk u
Revenant - Cover
Schaut man sich die Erfolge einer Humpenkapelle wie SABATON an, versteht man einerseits nicht, warum ihren schwedischen Landsmännern TAD MOROSE (ein weiteres Beispiel wären die großartigen (MORGANA) L