Blood Red Throne


Tchort - Guitars
Død - Guitars
Mr. Hustler - Vocals
Espen "Beist" Antonsen - Drums
Erlend Caspersen - Bass

Norway isn’t exactly known for death metal, especially not the
bludgeoning American type. The deep guttural growls, the gurgling
tuned down guitars,frantic viscous drumming and all the visceral
chaos you’d expect from Florida…but this isn’t Florida is it? In fact,
Norway is about as far removed from Florida that you can get…
until now.
For spawned from frozen north, where the stark red of splattered
blood on the snow can be a slightly more extreme and shocking
sight when you are kneeling in it praying for your life, comes
Blood Red Throne. If you aren’t familiar with Blood Red Throne,
get ready for the blunt force trauma and get

Blood Red Throne came about in 1998 when Død and Tchort
(ex-Emperor) were performing together as party of Satyricon’s
touring band. With their shared visionof morbidity and a twisted
passion for brutal and extreme death metal the search for a
drummer was on. Freddy “Fred the Shred” Bolsø joined the band
and thethree began rehearsing by playing songs by Deicide,
Death and Obituary. When five stringer Erlend Caspersen joined,
the band began writing their own material. Tchort had many meaty
chunks of riffs written for the planned debut album of Green
Carnation, (his first death metal band) which he brought to
Blood Red Throne autopsy table, and Død contributed with
new material written especially for the new experimental
project. Like mad scientists bringing zombies to life from
deformed body parts, Blood Red Throne’s debut, Monument Of
Death, took frightening shape in the rehearsal room.
And A monster of a debut it was to be.

Their demo recording, DeathMix 2000 resulted in several offers
from Record labels and attention in the press. Blood Red Throne
decided to sign withHammerheart Records.
Work began on completing the line up and continued writing of
songs for the debut album. Long time friend and drummer,
Mr. Hustler, was converted and persuaded into joining the bloody
gang. He agreed just two weeks before recording was scheduled!

Monument of Death was the first ever metal album recorded in
Dub Studios in Kristiansand with producer Endre Kirkesola.
It was then mixed at Berno studios in Malmo, Sweden by Henrik
Larsson (Amon Amarth, Vomitory). Monument of Death saw the
light of day in late 2001 included a limited edition package called
“The Suicide Kit,” which not only contained the actual album,
but alsoa printed razorblade and a poster. The kits were hand
numbered in the band member’s own blood!

In May 2002 the Limited edition Mini Album A Taste For Blood
was released containing the often requested material from the
Deathmix 2000 demo. It alsoincluded a cover song by Massacre,
the very first release ever done by the band (for the Nordic Metal
II compilation) and a song from the debut album - all killer
remastered! At this time, Freddy B, due to work commitments, had
to quit the band. A replacement was found in Espen “Beist” Antonsen
who come from the Norwegian black metal band, Slagmark.

Blood Red Throne not only rehearsed new material but also was
now ready to make ears bleed live. The band played at the highly
acclaimed Inferno Festival with bands like Behemoth, Dimmu
Borgir and Aeternus, supported Dimmu Borgir on their Norwegian
tour, played the Smash Fest in Poland, and kicked ass with label
mates Exmortem at the new Southern Discomfort festival,
all the while working on the next album.

A new era of blood is upon us. Affiliated With The Suffering is
the newest chapter of the eviscerating bloody tales Of
Blood Red Throne.



2001     Monument Of Death, Hammerheart Records                                  

2003     Affiliated With The Suffering, Hammerheart Records                                                  

2005     Altered Genesis, Earache                                                                 

2007     Come Death, Earache                                 

2009     Souls Of Damnation, Earache                                  

2011     Brutalitarian Regime, Sevared Records                                         

2013     Blood Red Throne, Sevared Records                                              

2016     Union Of Flesh And Machine, Candlelight Records                                                       

2019     Fit To Kill, Mighty Music                                                          

2021     Imperial Congregation, Nuclear Blast




Affiliated With The Suffering - Cover
Geschmacklosigkeit regiert bei diesen Herren um die Persönlichkeit Tchort vor allem in Sachen Artwork.
Alte Bekannte, neue Band: Chef der Norweger ist TCHORT, seinerzeit tüchtiger Beelzebub, als es vor einer Dekade im hohen Norden darum ging, besonders black-metallisch drauf zu sein.