Carnal Forge

BiografiePeople normally associate pain with suffering, but soon you will feel a brand of torment that is more pleasurable than you could possibly imagine. Swedish heavyweights Carnal Forge are back for the attack to mercilessly show us what a deadly assault of musical violence truly should sound like.

The Swedish quintet was formed in 1997 by guitarist Jari Kuusisto and drummer Stefan Westerberg, as both felt the need to create a new musical entity apart from their two other bands, In Thy Dreams and Steel Attack. After numerous auditions, CARNAL FORGE finally came together when Johan Magnusson (guitar), Dennis Vestman (bass, also in Steel Attack) and Jonas Kjellgren (vocals, also in Dellamorte) joined as permanent members. Shortly after, they recorded their first and only demo, Sweet Bride, in Studio Underground; within a few days of sending it out to labels, the Swedish label WAR Music was quick to get in touch.

Their subsequent debut album, Who´s Gonna Burn, was once again recorded in Studio Underground and even the group was a little surprised by the relentlessness of these ten songs. Still, even though the album recieved great reactions, CARNAL FORGE fell into a deep hibernation for about two years soon after its release, but quickly arose from the ashes in 2000. Right when they started to work on new material, Vestman decided to leave the band, and was soon replaced by Jari´s brother, Petri (also from In Thy Dreams).

After recording their second album Firedemon in Studio Underground, things started to move quickly for CARNAL FORGE as they signed to Century Media Records and went on a three-week tour with The Haunted and Nile. While working on the material for their third album, Magnusson quit, so former bassist Petri took over the guitar duties. The vacant bassist position was filled by ex-Rosicrucian/Slapdash guitarist Lars Lindén, a close friend of the band who ran their website and designed their artwork. The line-up change definitely proved beneficial, resulting in the sonic impact of Please... Die. Like their previous two albums, the music for CARNAL FORGE´s new piece of solid steel was recorded and mixed in Studio Underground by Pelle Saether and Lindén. Despite keeping the same rabid spirit of its predecessors, Please…Die allowed the unrelenting arrangements just enough breathing room for some catchy melodies.

With their last two releases, Firedemon (2000) and Please…Die (2001), the group laid a foundation for single-handedly bringing the thrash scene back to the forefront of heavy music. In that line of thinking, CARNAL FORGE have the answer for all who miss the raw and precise power of razor-sharp, yet occasionally melodic, twin guitars and pummeling rhythm section, mixed with the talent to create genuine insanity. Only one short year after their last release, Please…Die, these thrash and melodic death metal monsters have returned with a new form of aggression entitled The More You Suffer, a dynamic 12-track killing machine that will quickly annihilate anything in its path.

The More You Suffer sees CARNAL FORGE progress immeasurably as they’ve crafted their most lethal offering to date. The effort combines their trademarked savage, frenetic beats with larger amounts of groove, constant vocal catchiness and clearly defined songwriting structures of neck-breaking ambition. The dueling guitar brothers, Jari and Petri Kuusisto, display a breathtaking collection of classic, foolproof metal riffs which aptly carry forth the Bay Area´s axe-legacy into a modern age of crunchy brutality, all the while complimented by Jonas Kjellgren most varied and punishing vocal performance to date.

Recorded at the band´s traditional Studio Underground, CARNAL FORGE have created the genre-defying release of 2003. Fans of Slayer and At The Gates beware: This is the new wave of thrash metal. Let the suffering begin.

Quelle: http://www.centurymedia.comDiscografieWho´s Gonna Burn 1998

Firedemon 2000

Please...Die! 2001

The More You Suffer 2003



Aren´t You Dead Yet?  - Cover
Zu CARNAL FORGE habe ich ein zwiespältiges Verhältnis.
Please.... Die!  - Cover
Nach ihrer erfolreichen Europatour mit The Haunted und Nile Anfang des Jahres wartete ich gespannt auf das neue Album des schwergewichtigen Quintetts, daß sich mittlerweile mit Slapdash-Member Lars Li
Testify For My Victims - Cover
CARNAL FORGE haben sich für ihr neues Album viel Zeit gelassen, was wohl auch am Sängerwechsel lag: Jonas Kjellgren hat die Band verlassen (und ist bei SCAR SYMMETRY weiter aktiv), für ihn kam Jens Mo
The More You Suffer - Cover
Juchei, endlich wieder ein Thrash-Album! Schmeißt mir Alben von Terror 2000, The Haunted, Corporation 187 oder Raise Hell mit Random-Play in den Schacht und ich drehe durch.
Who´s Gonna Burn - Cover
Da haben sich die Regain-Schweden wohl flugs mal die Rechte der ersten CARNAL FORGE gesichert, oder sie vom Vorgänger der eigenen Firma (Wrong Again) geerbt.