BiografieThyrane was formed under the name "Thornmoon" in 1994. Blastmor, the founding member of the band, and two other guys were playing their first chords of blasphemy.

It didn´t take long before the other guys´ lack of comprehension forced them out of the band, so in 1995 Blastmor had to search for more dedicated bandmembers, but without results. A couple of songs were written during those times and the band name changed to Thyrane.

In 1996, Blastmor finally found a guitarist, Daemon, and a bass player, R. Grönholm, to join the band, and so the banner of blasphemy was raised high once again. In 1997, Thyrane´s music developed to a higher level, and it became apparent that the band needed a second guitarist. For this purpose, they found Avather, and so Thyrane entered the Tico-Tico Studio on the following December. Soon afterwards their first satanic attack had been created in the form of the "Black Harmony"- demo.

The demo led to a a deal with Woodcut Records in 1998, and the demo was then re-released as a cd. The second attack, Thyranes first full-lenght, "Symphonies of Infernality" , which was also recorded and mixed at the Tico-Tico Studio, was released in 1999.

After finishing "Symphonies of Infernality" R. Grönholm left the band due to personal reasons. Therefore Daemon was forced to take over the bass, and Blastmor moved to play lead guitar and sing vocals. The band also found a session drummer to play live gigs.

A year later Thyrane was signed to Spikefarm Records, and they began recording their second full-length album. "The Spirit of Rebellion" saw the darkness of the night in December 2000.

Next effort was the first European tour in the end of 2001, together with Ancient (nor/ita) and Stormlord (ita). Tour visited in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary and included 17 gigs.

On the year 2002, Thyrane played few gigs in Finland and wrote the material for the third album, which they finally recorded, after many delays, on november and december -02 at SundiCoop studio in Savonlinna, Finland. The third full-lenght album is titled "HYPNOTIC" and it´s release date is 5.5. 2003 (spikefarm records) and 19.5. 2003 (centurymedia records)

Quelle: Of Heavenly Essence CD 2005

Spikefarm Records 2003

Spikefarm Records 2000

Black Harmony split w/ The Dead Beginners (2000)

Woodcut Records 1999

Woodcut Records 1998



Hypnotic - Cover
Nee, Kinners, was habe ich mich auf diese Scheibe gefreut. Ich wollte mich also hypnotisieren lassen.
The Spirit Of Rebellion - Cover
Black Metal Bands, die mit einem weißen Cover gehören auf jeden Fall nicht zum Einheitsbrei... oder doch?
Travesty Of Heavenly Essence - Cover
Das sind ja welche, die THYRANEs.