The Ravenous

BiografieOn their second full length, this twisted Death-Horror-Metal act shows they are more than just another puked-up side-project! Even more bizarre and sick-to-the-bone, The Ravenous presents no less than 11 new and fucked-up Death Metal tracks! This release is packaged in an excellent digipak with disgusting art that is not suitable for children. Blood Delirium.......agggg......sick.......fuckin mental! Blood Delirium is a deathgore feasting of the highest degree. Raw, nasty, sick and twisted
gore drenched old school Death Metal. Those that feed on early AUTOPSY take special note! Songs like "Mordrum," August Underground," "Blood Delirium" and "A Corpse is Forever" will slice and dice your neck through audio decapitation. Special digipak edition includes 12 booklet with disgusting pictures and fucked-up
lyrics and art!

Watch for this revolting piece of sick trash soon!
Quelle: http://www.sureshoworx.deDiscografie2004 Blood Delirium CD

2003 Blood Delirium LP

2002 Three on a Meathook MCD

2001 Assembled In Blasphemy


Mal wieder ein Projekt mehr oder weniger renommierter Musiker...
Blood Delirium - Cover
Jau, Killjoy, der Band-Multi hat sich für diese Band Ober-Gras-Geselle Danny Lilker und Death-Metal-Pio Chris Reifert zusammengesucht, ob sie alle noch dabei sind, weiß ich nicht.