Guitarist Infernus forms Gorgoroth together with drummer Goat Pervertor and vocalist Hat.


Bassist Kjettar joins the band for a brief period and is featured on the demo "A Sorcery Written in Blood". Samoth takes over on bass after Kjettar leaves.


Drummer Goat Pervertor decides to leave the band after the recording of "Promo '94" and "Pentagram" - both releases featuring Infernus on guitars, Hat on vocals, Goat Pervertor on drums and Samoth on bass. Goat Pervertor is replaced by Frost for the band's first live appearance at Lusa Lottes Pøbb in Oslo, Norway, on May 3. Samoth leaves the band after the band's first concert abroad in Germany in December.


Infernus does both guitars and bass in studio during the recording of "Antichrist" (originally titled "Død"). Storm joins the band on bass. Drummer Frost leaves the band after finishing his work in studio on "Antichrist" and is replaced by Grim. Hat leaves the band in September, but agrees to finish his work on "Antichrist". Hat is replaced by new vocalist Pest, and they both contribute vocals to "Antichrist". Bassist Storm leaves the band and is replaced by Ares, and Pest and Ares both have their live debuts with the band in London on December 15.


Infernus again does both guitars and bass in studio for the recording of "Under the Sign of Hell", although Ares is featured on bass on the opening track. Grim does the drums for the album, and Pest does the vocals. In the summer, after recording the live EP "The Last Tormentor" in Bergen, Infernus decides to let Grim go from the band. New drummer Vrolok joins the band and makes his live debut with Gorgoroth in Bischofswerda, Germany, in September. Second guitarist Tormentor joins Gorgoroth later in the year.


After a European headlining tour in September/October, vocalist Pest and bassist Ares decide to leave Gorgoroth. They do, however, participate in the recording of several tracks for the next Gorgoroth album, "Destroyer".


Bassist T-Reaper and vocalist Gaahl join the band, and they each contribute vocals to one track on the "Destroyer" album. Daimonion contributes some synth and noise to the track 'The Devil, the Sinner and His Journey', a track which had originally been recorded in 1994 by Infernus and Frost. In addition to playing guitars on the "Destroyer" album, Infernus also contributes bass (4 tracks), vocals (2 tracks) and drums (2 tracks) on the album. One of the tracks on the album is a cover version of Darkthrone's 'Slottet i det fjerne', performed by Infernus and Tormentor only. Later in the year the band records a cover version of Mayhem's 'Life Eternal', with Infernus and Tormentor on rhythm guitars, Gaahl on vocals, Vrolok on drums, and T-Reaper doing the lead guitars as well as the bass. At the end of the year, Vrolok decides to leave the band.


New drummer Sjt. Erichsen joins the band for the recording of the album "Incipit Satan". T-Reaper quits the band and is replaced by new bassist King ov Hell. Daimonion again contributes some synth parts during the recording of the album. Michael Krohn (a.k.a. Mickey Faust) features as guest vocalist on one track, while Infernus provides both guitars, bass, vocals and drums on another. Gaahl does the vocals on the remaining tracks, with King ov Hell doing bass duties and Infernus and Tormentor doing the guitars. Sjt. Erichsen leaves the band after the recordings are finished, and Ivar Thormodsæter is hired in as live drummer for the European tour in December.


Drummer Kvitrafn joins the band and makes his live debut on the European tour in May.


Frost is hired in as a live drummer to replace an injured Kvitrafn on the band's mini tours of Mexico and Colombia in September/October.


Tormentor decides to quit Gorgoroth before the recording of the album "Twilight of the Idols - In Conspiracy with Satan", and the recording line-up on the album thus becomes Infernus (guitars), King ov Hell (bass), Kvitrafn (drums) and Gaahl (vocals).


Tormentor rejoins the band as live second guitarist for a one-off concert in Bergen in April. Apollyon is then hired in as live second guitarist, and debuts live with Gorgoroth at the Hole in the Sky festival in August.


The controversial live DVD "Black Mass Krakow 2004" is recorded on February 1, with a live line-up consisting of Infernus, Gaahl, Kvitrafn, King ov Hell and Apollyon. Kvitrafn decides to leave the band in April, performing his last Gorgoroth concert at the Inferno Festival in Oslo on April 8. Dirge Rep is hired in as live drummer and Teloch replaces Apollyon as hired live second guitarist before the band embarks on their European tour on September 30. Frost is hired in as studio drummer for the next album "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam".


Frost finishes his drum work in studio for "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam". Skagg replaces Teloch as hired live second guitarist on the band's European tour in November.


"Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" is finished, with Infernus on guitars, King ov Hell on bass and Gaahl on vocals. King ov Hell quits the band in June.


King ov Hell is back in the band. Dirge Rep is again hired in as drummer, this time joining Infernus, King ov Hell and Gaahl for the shooting of a video clip for the song 'Carving a Giant' in April. Garghuf and Teloch are hired in as live drummer and live second guitarist, respectively, for the summer festivals and the South American tour in September, and they also participate as session members on the recording of the live-in-studio album "True Norwegian Black Metal - Live in Grieghallen" in mid-October. On October 21, King ov Hell and Gaahl unwittingly exclude themselves from the band by attempting to 'fire' founding member Infernus. The co-operation with session musicians Garghuf and Teloch ends, and drummer Tomas Asklund and bassist Frank Watkins (a.k.a. Bøddel) are recruited by Infernus to join the band as new full-time members.


Second guitarist Tormentor and vocalist Pest rejoin Gorgoroth in September and December, respectively, before the recording of the 8th studio album "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt" begins.


"Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt" is recorded in Tomas Asklund's Monolith Studio between March and June, with Infernus on guitars, Pest on vocals, Bøddel on bass and Asklund on drums. As Tomas Asklund and Tormentor decide not to play live for the time being, session drummer Vyl and session second guitarist Skyggen are hired in for Gorgoroth's live activities, beginning with a headlining concert at the Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen, Norway, on August 29. Quelle: - Pentagram

1996 - Antichrist

1997 - Under The Sign Of Hell

1998 - Destroyer

2000 - Incipit Satan

2003 - Twilight Of The Idols

2006 - Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam

2008 - Live In Grieghallen

2008 - Black Mass Krakow 2004 (DVD)

2009 - Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt


Mittwoch 06.09.2006
Wenn es eine der großen, norwegischen Black Metal - Bands immer wieder schafft, trotz durchweg guter bis sehr guter musikalischer Leistungen immer wieder für negative Schlagzeilen zu sorgen, dann sind das GORGOROTH!


Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam - Cover
Alle Jahre wieder wird (speziell aus den USA - woher sonst?!) von diversen "Skandalrockern" berichtet, die eigentlich nur darauf aus sind, sich möglichst medienwirksam daneben zu benehmen.
Black Mass Krakow 2004 - Cover
Jo, da ist er nun also, der Mitschnitt der „Skandalshow“ der norwegischen Bläckies GORGOROTH!
Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt - Cover
Was um die norwegische Band GORGOROTH herum in den letzten zwei Jahren passierte, war absolut reif die „Praline“ oder „Brigitte“: Streit um den Bandnamen, ein fertiges Album au
True Norwegian Black Metal - Live In Grieghallen - Cover
Zuerst mal, bevor ich hier überhaupt anfange: der Slogan „True Norwegian Black Metal“, der dem norwegischen „Norsk Arisk Black Metal“ abgeleitet und aufgrund seiner Missverstän
Twilight Of The Idols (In Conspiracy With Satan) - Cover
Es gab mal eine Band, vor der hatte ich richtige Angst.