The name Course of Fate has existed for what seems aeons of time, but the band we hear today was for all intents and purposes formed in 2015, when the last piece of the puzzle found its place and the line-up we see today came together. The CoF consists of six guys highly dedicated to their respective instruments and a burning urge to reach fresh ears with their unique brand of progressive metal, which utilizes the tricks of the old giants while still sounding not old school and neither modern, but eerily familiar like the stranger you’re sure you’ve met before.
With amazing reviews and feedback from critics and fans alike, their focus on flawless presentation has proven that the CoF is a band highly worthy of the bigger stages, and a production that does the intricate music justice.

Course of Fate is a Norwegian progressive metal band, often compared to such greats as Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, Dream Theater and Pink Floyd.
With dual guitars accompanied by synthesizer Course of Fate's sound is massive, layered with harmonies and highly dynamic song structures, accented by eerie lyrics often touching on mental illness and the darker corners of the human condition.


2006 - Painting With Fire (Demo)

2007 - Escaping From Reality (Demo)

2007 - Course Of Fate (Demo)

2013 - Cognizance (EP)

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