Having channelled their primal instincts with simple yet effective fare on two demos and three EPs in less than ten years, the band sounds peculiarly sophisticated on their first album while maintaining every bit of their trademark aggression and – maybe distinctly? – Belgian blackness.
"We play the way the ancient masters taught us, no matter where they came from", rebuts drummer John Berry. "What you could call typical for our home country may be our beer consumption and my personal preference for Bastos cigarettes. I like to think that the source of our music comes from a lot deeper than just listening to the classics. While there is nothing wrong with that, you quickly turn into an uninspired, generic or watered down version of it all."


2011 - Promo Tape 2011 (Demo)

2012 - Deathlike Invasion (Demo)

2013 - Black Speed Terror (EP)

2014 - Putrid Invokation (EP)

2016 - Morbid Re-Incantations (EP)

2020 - Cursed To The Pyre