Dexter Ward


After three successful studio albums with BATTLEROAR, and several live shows all over Europe, including the participation in festivals such as Keep It True, Headbangers Open Air, Swordbrothers and March Metal Day, where the band shared the stage with acts such as MANOWAR and RHAPSODY, in the year 2009 Mark Dexter and Manolis Karazeris decided to form new band. Its name, DEXTER WARD, was taken from the short H.P. Lovecraft novel titled "The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward". Long time friends and fellow Heavy Metal brothers Akis Pastras (guitars) and John Luna Tsimas (bass) promptly joined their quest, and with Aggelos Tsoukalas (from BLOODSTAINED) on board, the band recorded and released the limited promo CD in 2010. Later that Iron On Iron Records released the "Antarctic Dream" 12" vinyl EP, which featured three tracks from the mentioned promo release, as well as live version of the CIRITH UNGOL classic "Go It Alone". One year later the band released its debut album titled "Neon Lights", which has been promoted on live shows in both Greece (opening for CRIMSON GLORY and VIRGIN STEELE) and in other European countries.
In 2013 the band inked the deal with No Remorse Records, and released the "Stars And Stripes" 7" single, where the title track has been coupled with a cover version of the LORD song titled "Leather Queen". One week after the release of the single, the band played two shows as the support act of another US Metal legend: WARLORD. Few months later new DEXTER WARD recordings saw the light of the day, as the band joined the WARLORD and ANVIL tribute albums.
In 2014 and 2015 the band was busy with both live shows (incl. opening for JAG PANZER in Athens), and in the studio: in April of 2015 the band released the limited edition 12" split album with their label mates BLACK SOUL HORDE, where the DEXTER WARD side was opened with the title track from their forthcoming album "Rendezvous With Destiny", and where the band also included 3 alternate versions of the songs already known from the "Neon Lights" album. After playing at the Up The Hammers Festival, and sharing the stage with cult acts such as MANILLA ROAD, OMEN or TITAN FORCE, the band joined the RIOT tribute album, and then focused on their second studio album called "Rendezvous With Destiny", released at Keep It True Festival in Germany, on April 29, 2016 (produced/mixed by Thimios Krikos). There was a mini European tour "Fighting For The Cross Tour - 2016" including shows in Austria, Italy, Germany and Belgium, followed by some special shows in Greece supporting Cirith Ungol (Athens - Salonica), in France (Skull Crush Fest - Colmar), Germany (Metalheadz Open Air and Augsbungers Metal Meeting).
The band entered the studio on September 2019 and recorded their third full length studio album called "III". First single "Return Of The Blades" published on November 16th, 2019 and the album will be released at Up The Hammers Festival on March 13, 2020 (produced/mixed by Akis Pastras - mastered by Bart Gabriel).


2010 - Promo 2010 (Demo)

2010 - Antarctic Dream (EP)

2011 - Neon Lights

2013 - Stars And Stripes (Single)

2015 - Black Soul Horde / Dexter Ward (Split)

2016 - Rendezvous With Destiny

2019 - Return Of The Blades (Single)

2020 - III



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