Danish one-woman black metal project Myrkur ("darkness" in Icelandic) burst onto the scene like a Valkyrie into battle in mid 2014 with her eponymous debut EP on renowned independent label Relapse Records. Combining the rawness of second wave black metal bands like Ulver and Darkthrone with a natural sonic, ethereal beauty, Myrkur created a wholly unique perspective on the genre that quickly caused a firestorm of attention and praise from fans and critics alike.  

After releasing the widely praised, self-recorded EP and a new demo in late 2014, it was announced that Myrkur would be co-producing her full-length debut with one of black metal history's most important figures, Kristoffer Rygg aka Garm of the legendary Ulver. Joining Myrkur (vocals, guitars and piano) in the studio this time were a pedigree of musicians including drummer Øyvind Myrvoll (Nidingr, Dodheimsgard), guitarist/bassist Teloch (Mayhem) and additional horn, string and traditional Scandinavian instrument players. Garm commented about the experience, stating "I am really proud to be involved, to help her make her vision come to life, and also to have her carry the torch, so to speak."

Recorded around various studios in Oslo along with the famous and macabre mausoleum of Norwegian artist Emanuel Vigeland, the result is a truly captivating and grandiose experience that blends second-wave black metal, Nordic folk music, classical instrumentation and haunting choirs. Simply titled M, Myrkur's full-length debut is deeply rooted in Scandinavian black metal tradition while pushing the genre to a whole new echelon.  

M will see it's worldwide release this August via Relapse and will come on the heels of her first ever live performance, headlining the black stage, at Denmark's Roskilde Festival. Numerous other festival appearances around Scandinavia and Europe are planned throughout the year while Myrkur is poised to remain one of the most talked about artists of 2015 and beyond.

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