When Dog, Betov, Phil, Marquis and Deutch recorded their first demo for release in 1984, they were far from imagining that it would receive such a warm welcome, nor that most of the tracks on the tape would thirty years later still be among the encores of their shows. At the time, speed metal was on the rise in the USA and Germany and ADX quickly established themselves on the scene thanks to their fast tempo songs and sharp guitar harmonies supporting lyrics in French about French History or classical literature.

Then came their first album Execution, released in 1986 on Devil's records, followed by La Terreur and Suprématie in 1986 and 1987 respectively, both on Sidney Production. Their first live album, Exécution Publique, was released in 1988. The band got noticed by the international press thanks to its heavy live activity, most notably with Sacred Reich, Agressor, Coroner or Sodom, even replacing Motörhead at the Zenith in Paris in 1989 when Lemmy suffered an injury. But in 1992, after experimenting with an English-lyrics album — Weird visions on Noise Records — the band, exhausted by years of touring and recording, decided to go on a hiatus.

ADX reunited briefly in 1997 with a new album entitled Resurrection but, despite a good reception, chose to have a new pause. The only significant event of the following years would be the release of a second live album in 2001.

Fans had been clamoring for a reunion since 1999, and it happened in 2006 around 3 original members. Division Blindée came out in 2008 on the famous Bernett Records label, confirming ADX’s comeback. Terreurs — a re-recording of La Terreur, again on Bernett — and Immortal (on XIII Bis) were released in 2010 and 2011, respectively, and the band played numerous gigs, including at Keep it True, Hellfest, Motocultor, Battlefield, Raismes Fest... In 2014, ADX recorded Ultimatum (Verycords) and played more shows in Europe — Play it Loud, Metal Rites, Heavy Sounds, Headbanger's Open Air — and in Canada (Wings of Metal).

One year later, with a line-up now composed of 3 founding members, Dog, Betov and Phil, plus 2 new ones, Julien and Nicklaus, they entered Studio Sainte Marthe where they recorded their new album Non Serviam with Francis Caste. This tenth opus is a bit more aggressive and follows up on their major works like Execution, Division Blindée or Ultimatum, tackling subjects such as heresy, revolution, dissidence or war. It has a heavier and more contemporary sound for the rhythm section, while guitars and vocals retain ADX’s signature old-school touch with improved accuracy and clarity. This time, the band went for self-production to control the process from beginning to end. The album is released on CD (limited digipack or classic crystal) and LP, all with cover art and design by artist Stan W. Decker.


1984 - Demo (Demo)

1984 - Le Fléau De Dieu (Demo)

1985 - Exécution

1986 - La Terreur

1987 - Promo Tape I (Demo)

1987 - Suprématie

1988 - Exécution Publique (Live)

1990 - Weird Visions

1990 - Promo Tape II (Demo)

1998 - Résurrection

1998 - In Memorium (Compilation)

2001 - VIII Sentence (Live)

2008 - Division Blindée

2010 - Terreurs

2011 - Demo 2011 (Compilation)

2011 - Immortel

2014 - Ultimatum

2016 - Non Serviam

2016 - Non Serviam (Single)

2020 - Bestial

2021 - Étranges Visions