By the arrival of the new millennium, after two major label releases and numerous nationwide and South American tours (including Ozzfest 99) with former band Puya, Ramon Ortiz was feeling the need to
ANNEX5 gründeten sich Anfang 2003 inHannover. Frontfrau Kirsten aus Kanada sangzuvor bei VENDETTA, Bassist Nico und GitarristTill jammten bei OVERNIGHT SENSATION und
Canadian metal band Annihilator is the lifework of guitarist Jeff Waters.
anodyne-29 wurde 2001 von Andy Koa, Mucho und Hanz Olo gegründet und mit Gap Van Badger und JohnJay gefestigt.
Anorexia Nervosa was born in June 1995, rising from the ashes of Necromancia.
ANOTHER DAY OF NOTHING Es ist nicht Schanze. Es ist nicht Prenzlauer Berg. Es ist erst recht nicht Hippie-Ottensen. Es ist Hamburg-WANDSBEK. Es ist ANOTHER DAY OF NOTHING.
Another Messiah play energetic, atmospheric and innovative metal, or in other words, post-doom.
ANSUR was formed in Drammen, Norway in 2003 as a young three-piece band.
In the rapidly changing and evolving world of heavy music, bands come and go faster than you can get a value meal at a fast food restaurant.
Antares Predator was formed around 1999 as Øyvind Winther decided to bring his solo project Wolf327 of 1994 to the next level as a 5 member black thrash-metal band.