In 1998, Cypher created La Division Mentale, so as to link extreme Metal to electronic music. A first demo, [Syndrome], was impulsively released,
The idea of a musical project including Alexandre and Yann appeared in 2001. A few months later, we recorded our first instrumental EP which was a cross between heavy and dark metal.
LA VIEJA GUARDIA (Spanish for ‘The Old Guard’) is not the first hardcore band to emerge from the city of Miami, a city with a long and distinguished list of bands in the genre dating back
Formed in 1982 Berkeley, California, LAAZ ROCKIT is considered to be one the founders of the genre of Thrash Metal unique to the Bay Area music scene.
Im November 1990 machte Tilo Wolffs Projekt LACRIMOSA mit seinem Tape "Clamor" in den Clubs der Independent- und Underground-Szene von sich Reden.
Lacuna Coil werden oft in Ermangelung eines besseren Begriffes in die Gothic Metal-Schublade gesteckt, was allerdings die emotionale Essenz ihrer Musik nur sehr unzureichend kategorisiert.
Landmine Marathon is a group of five individuals who hail from Phoenix Arizona and attempt to create music that pays tribute to the past days of underground metal and hardcore.
Namensgeber und Mittelpunkt des Hannoveraner Trios ist Gitarrist und Sänger Peter Ladwig.
Firmly rooted in the death/grind tradition, yet challenging and innovative, LAETHORA´s music is an assailing delivery of surging thrusts and darkened melody that will challenge music fans continuously
In All Of You - CD 2005