ABBATH - vocals/guitar ICE DALE - guitar TC KING - bass ARMAGEDDA - drums DEMONAZ - lyrics
We are a four-piece punk band.We come from this city of half-hearted men and restless ghosts called Le Mans, France.This is our very substanceThis is our heart
Some bands toil in obscurity for years before anyone discovers them, while many great acts are never “discovered” at all.I AM GHOST are not one of those bands.
What happens when your band falls apart and everything you worked toward is abruptly thrown away? You start a new one!
Born from the abysmal Kingston punk/metal scene, I Hate Sally consists of four dirt-bags that seldomly shower, frequently sleep 12 hours a day and borrow deodorant and clean socks from apparent "frien
In February 2010 the four doormats Pouja, Luke, Dennis and Chris decided to bring a project called I Smash the Panda into being.
The I Suffer Incorporated project was born in spring 2004 from the collaboration between Alex and Napulesh, already running on the Roman metal stage, with Val, a singer coming from the emocore scene.
I Witness first saw the light of day in late 1999, when 2 friends (Simeon and Korneel) were sitting somewhere in a deep, dark forest drinking lots and lots of booze.
I, Omega is a progressive metal quintet from the Los Angeles area, dead set on creating a sound that is bold and unique, as well as easily digestible.
I, Serpent ist eine seit 2018 bestehende Death Metal/Deathcore Band aus Jena. In ihren Songs werden moderne Grooves mit altbewährten Stilen vereint.
Since their earliest beginnings, Manchester´s I-DEF-I have been drawing from a well that´s waters are tight, heavy and groove laden, refining their sound into the cacophonic metallic maelstrom it is t
Ian Gillan was one of the foremost vocalists of the heavy metal style of rock that emerged in the 1970s, earning his greatest renown as a member of Deep Purple, though he also led bands named after hi
This dream began as a simple vision in early 2004.
The beginnings of ICE AGES date back to the year 1994, which marked the release of the debut album "Strike the Ground".