I, Omega

BiografieI, Omega is a progressive metal quintet from the Los Angeles area, dead set on creating a sound that is bold and unique, as well as easily digestible. Shredding guitars with fast, upbeat drumming, beefy bass lines, and vocals ranging from angelic to devilish, all with a punk rock attitude. Their sound is heavy and complex, but also leaves room for rhythmic grooves and catchy choruses. I, Omega’s music conjures up emotions crossing the spectrum of the listener’s scope, from menacing and technical wizardry, to tasteful and subtle harmony that’s sure to sway even the harshest of listeners. I, Omega is here to make a difference and defend the right to be different.Quelle: www


The Ravenous - Cover
I, OMEGA gehen auf ihrer „The Ravenous”-EP sehr progessiv-vertrackt und gleichzeitig modern vor, was sie schnell in Vergleiche mit PROTEST THE HERO bringt, zumal bei beiden Bands ein Sänge