Triumfall was formed in Kragujevac, Serbia, by Atterigner, Vorzloth, Phantom,
Upyr and Defluens.

In February Upyr leaves the band and Beleth takes over his place on bass.
With this line-up, in June, band preformed the first gig in the hometown Kragujevac.
Two months after demo called Promo (2007) was released.
Later the same year Usud took his place in the band as second guitarist,
while Atterigner (formerly know as Shub Niggurath) is now only on vocals.

In first months of this year, Beleth leaves the band, but the line-up was steady again
with the arrival of new bassist Inomatanas. On the 3rd of April,
Triumfall signed a long term agreement with Forces Of Satan Records,
Norwegian label owned by Infernus of Gorgoroth and Vile Horg.

Triumfall's main goal is to play fast and aggressive, but yet melodic and atmospheric
Black Metal, and also to express their beliefs and attitudes that thrive from the darkest mysteries of the Left Hand Path.
Band's spiritual quintessence is the one with the aesthetics of the Darkside. Glorification of Darkness and Death is not a matter of free choice, but an self-consciousness outcome of the rebellious spirits and purity of the Black Hearts.

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Antithesis Of All Flesh - Cover
Ist eine Band, die dem Black Metal der frühen 90er Jahre frönt, old-school? Oder ist die skandinavische Chose dafür noch zu jung?