Now in their fourth decade of making music, continuing the tradition that they helped create, Saxon are still a tour de force in heavy metal music. The Band are comprised of members Peter “Biff” Byford (vocals), Paul Quinn & Doug Scarratt (guitars), Nibbs Carter (bass) & Nigel Glockler (drums).

Saxon were the leaders of the new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM), they had eight UK Top 40 albums in the 1980s including four UK Top 10 albums and two Top 5 albums. They had numerous singles in the UK Singles Chart and chart success all over Europe and Japan, as well as success in the United States. During the 1980s, Saxon established themselves among Europe's most successful metal acts. The band tour regularly and have sold more than 13 million albums worldwide.

The band was formed in Barnsley in 1977 by Peter “Biff” Byford on vocals, Paul Quinn and Graham Oliver on guitars, Steve "Dobby" Dawson on bass, Pete Gill on drums and were originally named "Son of a Bitch". In 1979, the band changed their name to Saxon and signed to French record label Carrere who then released their eponymous debut album.

‘Wheels of Steel’, released in 1980, charted at #5 in the UK and stayed in those charts for six months. It resulted in two hit songs: the title track and the crowd favourite "747 (Strangers in the Night)". As a result, Saxon began a series of long UK tours. On 16 August, they earned a positive reception at the first Monsters of Rock festival, commemorated by the following year's "And the Bands Played On". Their set was recorded, but not officially released until 2000. In April of that year, Saxon made the first of many appearances on Top of the Pops, performing the hit "Wheels of Steel".

‘Strong Arm of the Law’ was released later in the year, charting at #11 in the UK. Two singles were issued: the title track and "Dallas 1PM", the latter about the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. 

In 1981, the band released their fourth album ‘Denim and Leather’, its title track is regarded as a metal anthem. The album also featured fan favourites such as "Princess of the Night", "Never Surrender" and "And the Bands Played On" – all UK Top 20 hits.

Just as the band was to embark on a long tour to follow the success of ‘Denim And Leather’, drummer Pete Gill left, after injuring his hand. The band quickly replaced him with Nigel Glockler, formerly of Toyah, who had to learn the entire set within a day and a half. Glockler is still with the band today.

In 1982 Saxon released the live album The Eagle Has Landed , charting at #5 in the UK. Saxon also played the Monsters Of Rock festival again in 1982, becoming the first band to appear there twice.

1983's Power & the Glory became the band’s best selling album Worldwide to date with the album’s cover artwork by Hollywood film director Ridley Scott.

In 1984 the band released their sixth studio album ‘Crusader’ with a successful worldwide tour that followed, named "The World Crusade”.

The band then signed with EMI Records and in 1985 ‘Innocence Is No Excuse’ was released. Following another Worldwide tour the band parted ways with bassist Steve Dawson. For the recording of the band’s eight studio album ‘Rock The Nations’ bass parts were played by Biff Byford, with Elton John making guest appearances as pianist on 2 tracks. In the summer of 1986, Saxon headlined the Reading Festival and toured the United States.

1988 saw the release of ‘Destiny’ with Tim “Nibbs” Carter joining the band on bass. 1989 saw the release of Rock n Roll Gypsies a live album recorded on an arena tour of eastern Europe in 1988, but by 1989, the gigs at the big stadiums and arenas of Europe and the US were few and far between and, with no record deal, Saxon's future was uncertain.

The band eventually decided to embark on a European tour titled '10 Years Of Denim And Leather' which proved to be a successful move and in 1990, they signed to Virgin Records and started work on their new album ‘Solid Ball of Rock’, which was released in 1991. In 1992, Saxon sustained this success with the release of ‘Forever Free’. During 1994, the band parted ways with Graham Oliver, with Doug Scarratt joining the band. 1996 saw the release of another live album, ‘The Eagle Has Landed Pt II’.

Saxon released ‘Unleash the Beast’ in 1997. September 1999 saw the release of ‘Metalhead’. In 2002, Saxon released Heavy Metal Thunder, a compilation album featuring re-recorded versions of songs from the band's biggest selling albums. 2004 saw the release of ‘Lionheart’ their 16th studio album, with Jörg Michael performing drums. Nigel Glockler rejoined the band in 2005. In 2006, the band released the live album, ‘The Eagle Has Landed – part 3’. 

Saxon's critically acclaimed ‘The Inner Sanctum’ album was released in 2007. In 2009 the band ‘ Into the Labyrinth’ and also headlined the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. Continuing their success in the UK, Saxon performed at the 2010 Download Festival. The band played the Wheels of Steel album in its entirety to mark the 30th anniversary of its release.

Saxon released their nineteenth studio album ‘Call to Arms’ on 3 June 2011 and twentieth studio album ‘Sacrifice’ in February 2013.

Their latest studio album, ‘Thunderbolt’, was released on 2 February 2018. 

2019 saw the bands 40th anniversary and the release of the fourth “The Eagle Has Landed” live album – aptly titled “The Eagle Has Landed 40” and included headline festival dates with the huge “Castles & Eagles” stage Set. 

2020 sees the band working on a new studio album and also a special covers albums entitled “Influences” which is just that – songs that influenced the band in their earlier days.

March 19th 2021 sees the release of "Inspirations" a  collection of cover songs that influenced Saxon. 


1978 - Demo '78 (Demo)

1979 - Big Teaser (Single)

1979 - Saxon

1979 - Backs To The Wall (Single)

1980 - Heavy Metal Thunder (Single)

1980 - Motorcycle Man (Single)

1980 - Monsters Of Rock (Split)

1980 - Saxon / Ottawan (Split)

1980 - Wheels Of Steel (Single)

1980 - Wheels Of Steel

1980 - 747 (Strangers In The Night) (Single)

1980 - Suzie Hold On (Single)

1980 - Strong Arm Of The Law

1980 - Strong Arm Of The Law (Single)

1981 - And The Bands Played On (Single)

1981 - Princess Of The Night (Single)

1981 - Never Surrender (Single)

1981 - Denim And Leather

1982 - The Eagle Has Landed - Live (Live)

1983 - Nightmare (Single)

1983 - Power And The Glory (Single)

1983 - Warrior (Single)

1983 - Live (Video)

1983 - Heavy Metal Thunder (Split)

1983 - Power & The Glory

1984 - Do It All for You (Single)

1984 - Just Let Me Rock (Single)

1984 - Sailing To America (Single)

1984 - Heavy Metal (Split)

1984 - Strong Arm Metal (Compilation)

1984 - Crusader

1985 - Back On The Streets (Single)

1985 - Broken Heroes (Where Are They Now) (Single)

1985 - Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy (Single)

1985 - Saxon En España (Single)

1985 - Innocence Is No Excuse

1986 - Northern Lady (Single)

1986 - Rock The Nations (Single)

1986 - Waiting For The Night (Single)

1986 - Live Innocence! (Video)

1986 - The Sounds / EMI Rock Showdown USA v UK (Split)

1986 - Rock The Nations

1987 - The Best (Compilation)

1988 - I Can't Wait Anymore (Single)

1988 - Ride Like The Wind (Single)

1988 - Anthology (Compilation)

1988 - Destiny

1989 - Rock n' Roll Gypsies (Live)

1990 - Solid Ball Of Rock

1990 - Greatest Hits Live! (Live)

1990 - Requiem (We Will Remember) (Single)

1990 - Greatest Hits Live! (Video)

1990 - Power & the Glory - The Video Anthology (Video)

1990 - Saxon / Styx / Sammy Hagar (Split)

1990 - Back On The Street (Compilation)

1991 - Best Of Saxon (Compilation)

1992 - And The Bands Played On (Single)

1992 - Forever Free

1992 - Iron Wheels (Single)

1995 - Dogs Of War (Single)

1995 - Dogs Of War

1996 - The Eagle Has Landed Part II (Live)

1996 - Champions Of Rock (Compilation)

1996 - A Collection Of Metal (Compilation)

1997 - Donnington: The Live Tracks (Live)

1997 - Absent Friends (Single)

1997 - Unleash The Beast

1988 - BBC Sessions / Live At Reading Festival '86 (Live)

1998 - Altar Of The Eagles (EP)

1999 - Metalhead

2000 - Rock Champions (Compilation)

2000 - Strong Arm Of The Law / Denim And Leather (Compilation)

2000 - Diamonds & Nuggets (Compilation)

2001 - Masters Of Rock (Compilation)

2001 - Killing Ground

2002 - Coming To The Rescue (Compilation)

2002 - Most Famous Hits (Compilation)

2002 - The Very Best Saxon Album Ever (Compilation)

2002 - Heavy Metal Thunder

2003 - Live Innocence / The Power & The Glory (Video)

2003 - The Saxon Chronicles (Video)

2004 - Beyond The Grave (Single)

2004 - Lionheart

2005 - Motorcycle Man (All Live) (Split)

2005 - Midnight Rider (Compilation)

2006 - The Eagle Has Landed Pt. III (Live)

2007 - Axe Killer Warrior's Set (Box-Set)

2007 - The Very Best Of Saxon: 1979-1988 (Box-Set)

2007 - If I Was You (Single)

2007 - The Inner Sanctum

2007 - I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive) (Single)

2007 - To Hell And Back Again (Video)

2008 - 2 Originals Of Saxon (Box-Set)

2008 - Live To Rock (Single)

2009 - The Best Of (Compilation)

2009 - Into The Labyrinth

2010 - Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie (Video)

2011 - Hammer Of The Gods (Single)

2011 - Performance (Compilation)

2011 - Call To Arms

2012 - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live (Eagles Over Wacken) (Live)

2012 - The Carrere Years 1979-1984 (Box-Set)

2012 - EMI Years (1985-1988) (Box-Set)

2013 - Sacrifice

2013 - Live In Germany 1991 (Live)

2013 - Unplugged And Strung Up (Compilation)

2014 - Original Album Series (Box-Set)

2014 - St. George's Day Sacrifice - Live In Manchester (Live)

2014 - The Complete Albums 1979-1988 (Box-Set)

2014 - Warriors Of The Road - The Saxon Chronicles Part II (Video)

2015 - Battering Ram

2016 - Eagles And Dragons (Box-Set)

2016 - Baptism Of Fire: The Collection 1991-2009 (Compilation)

2016 - Let Me Feel Your Power (Live)

2016 - The Vinyl Hoard (Box-Set)

2017 - Solid Book Of Rock (Box-Set)

2017 - Decade Of The Eagle (Compilation)

2018 - Thunderbolt

2018 - The CD Hoard (Box-Set)

2019 - Thunderbolt: The Singles (Box-Set)

2019 - The Eagle Has Landed 40 (Live) (Live)

2019 - Rock Sound Festival, 2006 (Live)

2021 - Speed King (Single)

2021 - Paperback Writer (Single)

2021 - Inspirations

2021 - Paint It Black (Single)

2022 - Carpe Diem



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