Rage Nucléaire

BiografieKILL HATE WAR VIOLENCE – A Study of the nuclear rage of Rage Nucléaire

Case Study ADL 1107-RN6

Subject: Rage Nucléaire

Case History

I. Background Information

Rage Nucléaire (hereinafter referred to as “Subject”) was never actually born. Instead, Subject’s component parts (please refer to Component Parts listing below) began to accumulate, sometime in AD 2000, for the purpose of directing their aggression outwards. No reason was given for this.

A first album (Unrelenting Fucking Hatred) was completed in early September 2011. Work immediately began on a second album, (tentatively and) aptly named Annihilation Frenzy.
Influences range from early Emperor and Immortal, to Anaal Nathrakh and Mysticum. There are most certainly others, but these are not listed.

II. Description of the Presenting Problem(s)

Subject’s primary preoccupations include global genocide (A Sino-American Chainsaw War), universal pornocracy (The Feeding Habits of Homo Horriblis), violent suicide (Le Grand mal de vivre) and flies. Secondary obsessions include burning (The Gift of the Furnace), hanging (The Deadfall Triptych), firearms (30 Seconds in the Killhouse) and swine. Please refer to Unrelenting Fucking Hatred and Annihilation Frenzy for tertiary concerns of note.

Subject feels an especially virulent loathing for humanity, although a close second is humanity-yet-unborn; dead humanity runs a distant third.

Subject fully intends to kill you. Nothing can change this.

III. Diagnosis

Subject is violently homicidal, suicidal, genocidal and vindictive, and can usually be found in an aggressive state of fury. For all intents and purposes, Subject should not be approached, unless large cash donations are being offered, with which Subject might purchase more firearms.
Besides, fuck the DSM-IV and its silly little “codes”.


I. Psychoanalytic Approach

Subject is obviously insane, with all that that implies. Everything Subject does and/or thinks, clearly illustrates this point. Fuck this approach.

II. Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

See Psychoanaytic Approach above.

Also, musically speaking, Subject’s proclivities include bonesaw guitars, punishing rhythms, bombastic keyboards, revoltingly inhuman vocals, and an orgiastic array of ghastly samples. Subject’s suicidal fixation is maybe not a bad idea, all things considered.

III. Humanistic Approach

Ply Subject with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, firearms and heavy foods. Also, give Subject scads of money.Quelle: - Unrelenting Fucking Hatred


Unrelenting Fucking Hatred - Cover
Es begab sich im Jahr 2000, als Bassist, Keyboarder und Synthie-Mann Alvater den ehemaligen CRYPTOPSY-Fronter Lord Worm fragte, ob er sich nicht schwarzmetallisch und nuklear betätigen wolle.