Peter Pan Speedrock


About 18 months ago Suburban records released ´Killermachine´, 3rd album by Peter Pan Speedrock, the 3-headed Rock´n´Roll beast from the beer & adrenalin-soaked basements of Eindhoven Rockcity. Killermachine consisted of 13 kick-ass over-the-top Speedrock´n´Roll explosions, and recieved nothing but killer-reviews. Here´s a few: brass-knuckles breaking your face in a single blast (...) rough, rougher, roughest, and thén you get Peter Pan! (Aardschok),..less tidy than the Hellacopters, as loud as Mötorhead, and one of the last to give true meaning to sex, drugs and Rock´n´fucking Roll! (Core Magazine),...set out to make Rock´n´Roll sound fresh and alive again, and succeed on both fronts. (Kerrang!),...for the 3rd time manage to put together all things the good Lord forbid, and create a shameless piece of music of brutal class. (OOR).

Since the release of Killermachine the band rocked their way through no less than 110 live-shows, sharing stages with a.o. Motörhead, Rose Tattoo, Nashville Pussy, Zeke, Speedealer, Dead Moon, The Turbo AC´s, Ironboss & Monstertrucking. The last 18 months saw Peter Pan Speedrock blow away crowds all over their homecountry the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and even in the US. In september 2000 the band did a very successful performance at the NXNW festival in Portland, Oregon, and in march of 2001 the trio also appeared (again successfully) at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. (The ´Austin Chronicle´ even tipped them as 1 of 5 ´must see´ bands out of more than 250 performing that day!) 2001, the release of ´Premium Quality...Serve Loud!´ With again 13 smokin´ hot pieces of raw in-your-face Speedrock´n´Roll, ´Premium Quality...´ is bound to blow you off your feet, and in the meantime push the band closer towards immortality.

Surely the many club- and festival gigs contributed a lot to this status. Kick-off for victory took place at Noorderslag Festival in Groningen, the opening of the Dutch season. Other highlights: ´the 12 bottles of Tequila-weekend´ (6 shows in 2 days), Lowlands, the release of coveralbum ´Speedrock Chartbusters Volume1´ and the German and French tour in fall and winter 2002. Peter Pan Speedrock will start studio-sessions with the renowned producer Kurt Block in January 2003; the new album is due to release in May.







RESURRECTION (2001) cd-single




Sonntag 12.05.2002
Aha, Auch "der Holländer" trinkt Bier. Bartman, Basser von PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, hat noch ein bisschen Probleme mit dem Kopf, weil er tags zuvor den holländischen "Tag der Königin" (die er eigentlich nicht soi gerne mag) gefeiert hat. Was ihn aber nicht daran hindert, schon mal ein frisches Bierchen aufzumachen.


Loud, Mean, Fast & Dirty - Cover
Das Album mit dem außerordentlich programmatischen Namen bietet eine Zusammenstellung von älteren Titeln der Band von den nicht ganz einfach zu findenden Scheiben "Peter Pan" (1997), "Rocketfuel" (199
Lucky Bastards - Cover
Wie schon auf dem 2001-er-Album "Premium Quality...Serve Loud" rocken, rollen, saufen, motörheaden sich die Eindhovener auch auf dem neuen Output dermaßen durch die Hölle, dass sich Schwedens Necro-Tu
Premium Quality...Serve Loud - Cover
Wollen wir hoffen, dass PETER PAN keinen Regen zum Dynamo nach Holland bringt.
Pursuit Until Capture - Cover
Seit gut zehn Jahren ist das holländische Trio ein Garant für Schweinerock der derbsten Sorte.