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BiografieNaumachia was born in 1999 in Wyszkow, Poland. Armand (guitars) had originated the band just before Soyak (guitars, vocals) and Koshen joined the band. From the very beginning Naumachia has bees supported by loads of musicians, but the three mentioned above have always been the warriors of the band and its mainstay. At the end of August 2000, the band recorded 3 - pieces demo in Selani Studio, in Olsztyn. The quality of this recording hadn't been perfect and was hidden from the ears of those trying to judge it. It has never seen the day light. But better days came after. A few concerts took place mainly during festivals such as Mystical Night and Metal Ride Fest. This made us stronger and courageous to try once again and put into practice all the new born ideas and arrangements. In October 2003 a new monster roared and "Wrathorn" was recorded. Due to this album, Polish Empire Records showed its interest in the band's activity. Just after a contract was signed, everything started to go in the right direction. The band appeared on one of stages of Metalmania 2005 on one side with Napalm Death, Arcturus, Cradle of Filth, Amon Amarth, Dark Funeral and Katatonia. We've also signed a licence contract with Adipocere - a French recording company thanks to which European and North American shops put the album of their shelves. At the end of November 2005, our newest album- "Callous Kagathos" was recorded in Hertz Studio ( Vader, Decapitated ). This album is due to come out with Empire Records


on 15th of January 2007.

Our present members are:

Armand - guitars / additional vocals

Soyak - guitars /vocals

Koshen - keyboard

Session musicians:

Luxas- bass
Quelle: - Wrathorn

2007 - Callous Kaghatos


Callous Kagathos - Cover
Ich habe echt keinen Plan, wo das Label Metal Mind Productions diese ganzen Bands aus seinem Heimatland Polen herholt.