Mentalist was founded in early 2018 by Peter Moog (guitar) and Kai Stringer (guitar) in Saarbruecken / Germany. They asked their friends Thomen Stauch (drums) and Florian Hertel (bass) to join Mentalist. In 2019 Rob Lundgren (vocals) completed the lineup.

Our goal with Mentalist is to create a very melodic and powerful album that is bursting with power and enthusiasm. We hope that listeners will be able to honor this and hear and feel our love for this music, because then we have reached our goal.


2020 - Freedom Of Speech

2021 - A Journey Into The Unknown



Mentalist Cover Freedom of Speech
Dienstag 16.02.2021
Mit der Veröffentlichung "Freedom Of Speech" ist es der deutschen Melodic Metal-Band MENTALIST gelungen, den Spirit von Bands wie IRON MAIDEN, BLIND GUARDIAN oder HELLOWEEN einzufangen und ein hochgelobtes Debütalbum einzuspielen.