BiografieManifest was formed in Trondheim during the fall of 1999 by drummer Alessandro Elide and guitarist Ole Marius Larmerud. After trying out different vocalists and bass-players, Erik Wegge joined the band on vocals in may 2000 and in August Cato Iversen joined on bass. In October the same year we recorded our first demo, “Structure of Disharmony”. The demo was recorded at our rehersal location in Trondheim and consists of five tracks. The influence from bands like Slayer, Sepultura, Death and Meshuggah were obvious, but we were also very pleased we’d found our own of style.

After playing a couple of successful live shows in Trondheim, we felt it was time to record some more material. The self-financed demo-EP "Lifelong, painful co-existence", produced by Rune Elli was recorded AT NISS in Oslo in April 2001. "Lifelong..." shows a tighter band with a more brutal sound than the last recording. The music is aggressive and "straight forward", but with progressive elements in the form of time-changes and polyrythmics. The cover was made by Kenneth Furre and layout was done by Erlend Stakset.

A new, four track demo was recorded in December 2001. This time we used Skansen studios in Trondheim, who have worked with bands like the 3rd and the Mortal, Atrox, Maelstrom, Chton, and lots more. The sound is way better than our earlier recordings, and the music is growing more brutal. However we felt that we needed a different vocal approach. In April 2002, Stian Leknes joined the band on vocals. The first concert with Stian fronting the band was friday August 2nd 2002 at the “Tauterstokk Festival” a little north of Trondheim. Alessandro did not play drums on this show due to an arm injury that had already caused him nearly six months of absence from the band. However, Tor Arne from Atrox helped us out with his drum skills and the show was a blast!

In October the same year, we went back to Skansen Studios to record new vocal tracks on the last demo. Stian did a great job, but as he told us, he was really looking forward to making his own lyrics and vocal lines with our new material.
With Alessandro back on drums, and with a new frontman, we focused on getting more gigs, and before the years was done, we had played with bands like Pica Fierce, Insense, Scariot, Susperia and Behemoth.

One day at our rehearsal location, Alessandro could tell us that during the weekend he had met a guy that he thought maybe was even more drunk than he was at the time. This guy had babbled something about a studio and that he had watched one of our latest shows on UFFA, and that he wanted us to come to his studio and work with him as soon as possible. As we had never heard of this guy before, nor the studio, we didn’t know what to believe, but Ales luckily got his number, and soon we went out to take a look at this studio of his.

After a couple of talks in the studio, we discovered these guys were the same kind as us, and soon we made up our minds that we wanted to record our first full-length album in the brand new “Godt Selskap Studios”. Rune Stavnesli (that drunk guy Ales met) and Emil Sporsheim both kicked at our music, and the latter days of May, after a short tour with Godsize, we packed our instruments into the studio. We were in there 19.-23. of may, and then back again 28. of May to the 6. of June. During these Heavily sigarette- and coffeestained days, we recorded five of our latest songs. We mixed two of these tracks, and made these into our latest promo; “the art of war”. We sent a lot of these promos to magazines and netzines, and received nothing but great feedback! And that’s just two tracks…

With even more live shows and great reviews on our back, we’re going back into the studio some time this autumn, to record the rest of the album. It’s going to be a blast!
Quelle: PAST VIOLENCE - 2005

THE ART OF WAR - 2003 (Demo)

PROMO 2002 (Demo)




Half Past Violence - Cover
Viele Bands aus Norwegen machen viel Musik, viel Black Metal, viel Metal vieler Couleurs. Da fragt sich der Musikant wohl nicht selten: Wie soll ich bloß was Neues machen?