BiografieThis Birmingham, England-based pomp rock group was formed in 1972 by Tony Clarkin (guitar), Bob Catley (vocals), Kex Gorin (drums) and Dave Morgan (bass). They remained unsigned, undertaking various engagements, including acting as Del Shannon´s backing band, until 1978, when they were signed by Jet Records. By this time Morgan had departed, to be replaced by Colin "Wally" Lowe, and Richard Baily had joined as keyboard player. Between 1978 and 1980, Magnum released three albums to a moderate degree of success, and toured relentlessly with Judas Priest, Blue Oyster Cult, and Def Leppard. "Chase The Dragon" was released in 1982, with new keyboard player Mark Stanway, and gave them their first Top 20 album; it featured the grandiose pomp of "Sacred Hour" and "The Spirit", both of which still feature in their current live set. Following the release of "Eleventh Hour", problems beset the band: Clarkin became ill, and a dispute with Jet Records ensued. The band fragmented as a result, but the troubles were soon resolved, and a number of low-key club dates persuaded them to continue. FM Revolver Records signed the band in 1985 for "On A Storyteller´s Night". Its Top 40 success, along with a highly successful tour of the UK, prompted Polydor Records to offer a long-term contract. "Vigilante", which featured new drummer Mickey Barker (ex- Pyewackett), was the first release under the new contract, and was produced by Queen´s drummer Roger Taylor. The backing of a major label paid immediate dividends with a Top 30 album and a sell-out UK tour. This success was taken one step further with "Wings Of Heaven" (1988), their first gold album and UK Top 10 hit. Top 40 single success came with "Days Of No Trust", "Start Talkin´ Love" and "It Must Have Been Love". Numerous compilation albums, including "Mirador" and "Anthology", were released, along with reissues of their now extensive back-catalogue from Jet Records. A two-year gap between official releases resulted in the Keith Olsen-produced "Goodnight L. A.", and again Top 40 success was achieved with a single, "Rocking Chair", the album also enjoying Top 10 status. Extensive touring promoted "Goodnight L. A." and several shows were recorded for a double live set, "The Spirit". A new contract with EMI Records began with "Rock Art". After years of struggle and setbacks, Magnum´s popularity had been achieved the hard way, by dint of constant touring and a series of high-quality albums. Clarkin and Catley left the group in 1996 to work on their Hard Rain project ...Quelle: Kingdom Of Madness

1979 Magnum II

1980 Marauder (live)

1982 Chase The Dragon

1983 The Eleventh Hour

1985 On A Storyteller's Night

1986 Vigilante

1988 Wings Of Heaven

1990 Goodnight L.A.

1991 The Spirit (live)

1992 Sleepwalking

1994 Rock Art

1996 The Last Dance (live)

2002 Breath Of Life

2004 Brand New Morning

2005 Livin´ The Dream Live-DVD)

2007 Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow

2008 Wings Of Weaven Live

2009 Into The Valley Of The Moonking


On The 13th Day - Cover
Der Titel der neuen MAGNUM-Scheibe "On The 13th Day" sollte wohl genau wie der aber voll gescheiterte „Versuch“ mit diesem komischen Zauberer-Männchen auf dem Cover (die bunte Farbegebung
Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow - Cover
Mit "Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow” veröffentlichen die Veteranen von MAGNUM das 13. Album ihrer über 30-jährigen Karriere.
The Visitation - Cover
Sie sind einfach nicht unterzukriegen, die Rede ist von den britischen Melodic Rock-Veteranen MAGNUM.