Her Name Is Calla

BiografieHer Name is Calla return this year with the new full-length album, The Quiet Lamb, on Denovali Records. Described as one of the UK's "most daring, unconventional bands" (, Her Name is Calla are known for their impressive live shows full of emotion, explosions of noise, and passages of the quietest, most gentle harmonies.

Based around a core unit of five members, the band wields a multitude of instruments, from drums and guitar, to records and synths; from violin and trombone, to vocals and harmonica. The resulting sound is dense but controlled. The Quiet Lamb is the result of years of planning, and an intense year of recording in bedrooms, schools and hallways. Stretched over the course of 75 minutes, the new album finds the band at their most passionate to date, taking the listener through a journey of ten songs - each one a part of a whole.

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Freitag 04.03.2011
HER NAME IS CALLA ist eine dieser Bands, die einen mit den ersten Tönen eines Songs gefangen nimmt und verzaubert. Die Briten haben mit „The Quiet Lamb“ ein fantastisches Album beim rührigen Denovali-Label veröffentlicht, zudem entpuppte sich Bandchef Thom als witziger und charmanter Gesprächspartner.


The Quiet Lamb - Cover
„The Quiet Lamb“, das Debütalbum des britischen Kollektivs HER NAME IS CALLA, ist schön. Schlicht und einfach schön.