Heaven Shall Burn

Heaven shall burn were founded in autumn 1996 under the banner of CONSENSE the first demo was recorded about six months later.After some unimportant line-up changes, Erik (b.) and Markus (voc.) joined the band in spring´97 - the second tape was recorded little later. So after a tight line-up was build, the band played a lot of shows and festivals around and worked with high- pressure on their first release. A few weeks later DEEDS OF REVOLUTION REC. decided to put out the first H. S. B. MCD ( in battle...), which was unleashed in autmn´98 and contained a grinding mixture of Death Metal / HC and Thrash Metal. Some weeks after the release of the "In Battle ..." MCD a new guitarist ( Patrick ) joined the band. So the final line-up is:

Marcus - vocals
Eric - bass
Maik - guitar
Patrick - guitar
Matthias- drums

DEEDS OF REVOLUTION also released a H.S.B. SPLIT-LP with FALL OF SERENITY in late autumn ´99 . After this, H. S. B. joined IMPRESSIONrec. to prepare their third assault named "ASUNDER" , their first full length-CD ( 8th of april 2000). Meanwhile LIFEFORCErec. also takes care on H. S. B., to co-ordinate the distribution outside Europe. the summer of 2000 summer also brought a CALIBAN /H.S.B. split CD/"LP on LIFEFORCErec. After touring Spain, Portugal, Swiss, Italy, the Benelux, Czech Republic and tons of single gigs throughout Europe H.S.B. is now occupied with writing new songs for the upcoming release of a new CD in winter 2001.
Most people describe the HEAVEN SHALL BURN style as a mixture of Earth Crisis / the Haunted/At the Gates and the almighty Bolt Thrower.

And this is quite close to what HEAVEN SHALL BURN plays. Texts deal with topics like peoples behaviour towards disabled people , the war all over the world, racism and different ways to master your life , like Veganism for example; their prior aim is to make people think, they don´t see them self as preachers or something, fun is as important as tolerance. Be prepared to see H.S.B. on some of the festivals in 2002 or on tour in Europe, the US, Brazil and Japan. If you´re interested in some more information, don´t hesitate to get in touch.Quelle: www