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BiografieEssenz is a purposeful sonic ether, a decomposition of the physical that transcends the mind through floating acoustic elements. With contrasting, decelerated phrases, bursts of transformation are drowned in ecstatic adrenalin. ESSENZ is the invocation of a metamorphosis, a stimulation of remote realms of the psyche that dwells on the borders of musical extremes and opens the gate to a deeper level. ESSENZ play
Occult Metal.

After the project’s birth in December 2006, the first self-produced concept EP Metaphysis was released in autumn 2009 (professionally manufactured). The LP version came to stores in June 2010 via Iron Bonehead and Amor Fati Productions.

The first official full-length ritual KVIITIIVZ – Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen (›Kultus – Invocation of the Inexpressible‹ / ›The White Album‹, R. M.) followed on CD in July 2010. In March 2011, the album was released on wax by Amor Fati Productions.

ESSENZ celebrated their first live rituals in renowned German venues in 2009 /2010 and played further concerts in 2011 in Germany and Italy, including headliner and record release shows, a performance at a multimedia reading, and a festival appearance). In cooperation with video artists, an official video was produced on Super 8.

The second album Mundus Numen will be released worldwide by
Svart Records on the 2nd of May 2012 as gatefold lp and cd box. Its concept is based around the painful acquisition of ones deepest will, which enables to transform the world from an instance to a suggestible setting and implies manic boundary experience.Quelle: - Metaphysis (EP)

2010 - KVIITIIVZ-Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen

2012 - Mundus Numen


Mundus Numen - Cover
Einerseits könnte man ja schon seit Längerem unken, dass sich inzwischen jede zweite Band auf okkult trimmt um möglichst geheimnisvoll und unnahbar zu wirken.


Band Termin Land / Ort / Location
CATacombs Of Metal XV
Drowned, Thränenkind, Essenz, Motörcult
Präsentiert von metalinside!
2016-12-10 Deutschland / Prittwitzstrasse 36, 89075 Ulm / CAT