Death Before Disco

BiografieThe story started two years ago, on a sweet autumn 2K afternoon, when the members of the band Pright finally understood their name sucked ass and that they had been crawling upstream, creating some kind of hardcore that had been done a million times before and about as much times better. So, they had the luminous idea to start over, change their face and try to create something of their own instead of ripping other bands ideas. So they started to rehearse intensely and scheduled some studio time in september of Y2K. Two weeks before they went in, they had to find a new bassplayer, as their bassplayer Nanou was too busy with stuff outside the band and couldn´t combine the two anymore. So, out goes Nanou, in comes Antoine. In the mean time, the addition of an extra singer for the clean parts was found in Britt. The four songs got recorded, followed by a search for a label and a lot of shows were played all over Belgium. We´re now 8 months later, the songs are being used for a split CD with the band Severance, released on the new up and coming EYESPY label. In the meantime, DBD went through another singer, Evi, whom they switched in for Jean Pierre, who still handles the singing duties. They started focussing on writing new songs and finally succeeded in creating an own face. In february 2K2 they entered the studio again to record some songs to start shopping around for a new label, a label that could help the band push their limits to the max, a label that would support their refreshing sound. This was found in GOOD LIFE and the deal got inked. Now, a few months later, another line-up change was necessary. Old time member and Drummer Tijl had to be replaced. A replacement was found in the person of Ace Zec. This still wasn´t the end of their Line-up troubles. Singer Stefaan Leleu, founding member of the band, quit because of a complete lack of time and decided to focus on his school and future carreer. In January 2003, a split release with California´s ´WHAT LIES WITHIN´ saw the light of day. This is an essential record for everybody that likes refreshing hardcore and doesn´t gets scared by a bit of emo every once in a while. DBD has recently went through yet another line-up change. Ioan came in on Vocals and Yannick has taken over the bass duties. They just recently finished recording their debut full length, Party Bullet, which will be out in april on goodlife. Look out for DBD in a town near you.Quelle: www


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Mittwoch 20.04.2005
CONVERGE-Fan Birger hatte mit seiner Band DEATH BEFORE DISCO vor einiger Zeit die Ehre, eine Show in Paris für seine Idole zu eröffnen. Das passt wie Arsch auf Eimer, sind Gitarrist Birger und seine Mannen doch in ähnlichem Fahrwasser unterwegs wie die großen CONVERGE.


Barricades - Cover
Barrikaden haben sich während der Fertigstellung des "Party Bullet"-Nachfolger wohl zuhauf vor den fünf Belgiern aufgetürmt, wenn man dem Infoschreiben Glauben schenken darf.
Party Bullet - Cover
Letztes Jahr haben DEATH BEFORE DISCO mit den legendären SHAI HULUD getourt (obwohl ich mich nicht erinnern kann, DBD in Bremen gesehen zu haben), das spricht schon mal für die Qualität der Jungs.