Asking Alexandria

BiografieAsking Alexandria. They have risen from nothing to greatness in little over a year. 2009 saw the boys from England release their debut album 'Stand Up and Scream' to an audience just begging for something slightly different, and the 5 english lads delivered. 'Stand up and Scream' has done better than anyone could have hoped for. 2009 was spent touring with many great bands across the United States, including, Enter Shikari, A Static Lullaby, Alesana and many more. 2010 has the boys touring relentlessly world over and writing the next chapter in their lives. With a hectic year ahead of them Asking Alexandria look set to take the world by storm. If you didn't hear of them in 2009, 2010 is the year everyone will be talking about Asking Alexandria....Quelle: www


From Death To Destiny - Cover
ASKING ALEXANDRIA haben auf Sumerian Records ihr neues und somit drittes Studioalbum mit dem Titel "From Death To Destiny" rausgebracht.