Alpha Safari

BiografieInfluenced by bands such as Dinosaur Jr, Nomeansno & Sonic Youth. The story of Alpha Safari started when lead vocalist Patrik Wiréns previous band
Misery Loves Co split up in the year 2000. Together with Entombed guitarist Ufo Cederlund and the rhythm section of Patrik Thorngren (bass) and Olle Dahlstedt (drums) the four of them began playing together as Washoe and soon did a few shows in the Stockholm area.

Their first demo, with songs like "Björklinge" and "It wasn´t designed for
us", spawned great reviews from the most conservative of rock & indie
critics before the band changed their name to Alpha Safari. Their debut,
"Commercial Suicide", will be released August 18 in Scandinavia. USA and Europe will follow shortly after.

Patrik Wirén - vocals
Ufo Cederlund -guitar
Patrik Thorngren - bass
Olle Dahlstedt - drumsQuelle: - Commercial Suicide www


Commercial Suicide - Cover
Eyh, Uffe Cederlund hat ne neue Band am Start! Der Uffe, der bei ENTOMBED rockt und bei DISFEAR lärmt, genau der. ALPHA SAFARI, kann ja dann auch nur schönes Geprügel sein.