pure energy and raw emotion. The Northern quintet joined forces in 2000 and was formed by musicians from different parts of the Danish metal environment. Thus, including elements from death-, heavy- and classical metal, ALooP combines the heaviness of e.g. early Sepultura with ass kicking southern thrash elements similar to those of Pantera and Slayer. The sound of ALooP has been labelled as a redefinition of old-school head-banging metal. Even though the quintet’s sound is highly inspired by old-school metal, ALooP has managed to create a unique sound charged with melody and mind-shaking brutality hitting the listener hard in the face.

ALooP is a band unwilling to compromise when it comes to the creation of their music. In developing their explosive and pulverizing sound, ALooP creates music charged with Quelle: http://www.aloop-metal.dkDiscografieGlobal Crisis CD 2005


Neo-Thrash - Cover
Alter - Dänen (mit allerlei Verbindungen im dortigen Metal-Kunstkreis, Mnemic mögen als Beispiel genügen) lügen nicht, denn wenn sie eine fette Produktion versprechen, dann haut das hin.