BiografieThe beginning of the 80’s marked the explosion of the Heavy Metal scene. Bands as Slayer, Metallica, Venom, Exodus and others, delivered a new kind of speed and heavier music that created an enormous legion of fans, that killer stuff, consequently would serve of influence for other bands who appeared. In Brazil, one of these bands was the AGGRESSOR, formed in the year of 1982 in Macaé, a small city of the Rio de Janeiro State.

The first line-up with Frederico (vocal), Beco and Marco Aurélio (guitars), Jedae (bass) and Paulo (drums) recorded the first demo tape “Destruição Metálica (Metallic Destruction), released in 1986. The tape of four musics, brought lyrics in Portuguese with a semi hardcore vocals and the music in na old thrash metal way. The thematic of the lyrics talked about their negative vision of the world like “Juízo Final”, “Século XX” and “Terceira Guerra Mundial”.

In the following year, changes had occurred in both, membership and musical orientation. Frederico and Marco Aurélio left the band, Ivan replaced Jedae and Paulo take on the vocal, becoming the band a trio. The new lyrics were written in English, the vocal parts if becomes more oriented to Heavy and the music kept the Thrash style. The lyrics still continue acid and criticize the anti echological corporations, the use of drugs and the performance of great parcel of the politicians. The result of the changes was the second demo tape named “KILL OR DIE”, released in 1988.

In 1991, after divergences they decided stop their musical activities, there were attempts of a return in the next years.

10 years after the split, the new Brazilian label DIES IRAE released “Kill or Die” in a limited edition of 500-copies vinyl format under the number IRAE 001 (it was the first label release).It was not used current techinical resources or insertion of any additional instrument, remaining the raw and energy of the music exactly the same of its creation. If on the other hand the musicians had been in doubt about the release due the quality of the recordings, for another one, it was the dose of enthusiasm that brought the band back with the same team of “Kill or Die” in 2002, after a period of 11-years inactivity.

From 2002 till 2003 they worked on structural problems like equipment, place of assays and in the process of the news songs writing.

In early 2004 Ivan leaves the band and is replaced by Diego Neves. Looking for more sound consistency they teamed Diego Massili for the 2nd guitar. Two songs borned of that times: “Manipulation of Masses” and “Puppets of Society” and both received positive opinions from bangers. They had been available in their homepage and were made 3,400 downloads in two months. The next step should be working in their first album.

In the beginning of 2005 Cláudio Daflon and Alexandre Paulista come to replace Diego Neves and Diego Massili, they bring back “Toxicomaniac”, from KILL OR DIE demo with a new arrangement. More songs were written and they went to DQG studios in Cabo Frio – RJ and started the recordings for the album in September. The recording, mix and mastering of the debut “VICTIM OF YOURSELF” were finished in January of 2006.

The record was released officially in April of 2006. The concept of the name and lyrics is “inspired in the eternal problems of the human race like wars, hunger, intolerance, cowardice, drugs, etc.... The man is the victim of himself. “VICTIM OF YOURSELF” brings 10 songs: “Toxicomaniac”, “Old Man”, “P-36”, “Where are the Courage”, “Sacred Words”, “Manipulation of Masses”, “Eyes you the World”, “Mercenary Politician”, “Dr. Death” and “Puppets of Society”. The Cover and 16-page booklet art were made by Paulo and it includes both versions, English and Portuguese and a different art to represent each lyric.
Quelle: 1986 - Demo DESTRUIÇÃO METÁLICA (Cassete)

- 1988 - Demo KILL OR DIE (Cassete)

- 2001 - Demo KILL OR DIE (Vinil)




Victim Of Yourself - Cover
Alte Schule aus Brasilien? Richtig, dann muss es Thrash sein.