BiografieMRCY (gtr) and VIKY (both ex MUTE CRY) started to write the first page from the cronicle in the of 1993. They founded very soon the second guitar man PATRIK and drummer ROBERT. AGONY has played classic thrash metal and with this line-up they recorded zero demo tape named "FACE OF DEATH" in studio PS Moravske Budejovice in September of 1995. But some fucking stupid people arround the band (as the very poor label with no distibution and with no promo) sent this demo to unknown before the releasing. Thanks to this very bad situation Patrick left band and AGONY were walking through the first crisis.

The break point was January of 1996. MARTIN has came with keyboards and RICHARD (voc) (ex MANSLAUGHTER UNION) on post of main vocal. AGONY were sucking new blood and with new line-up they have changed sound of band and they working very hard on the new stuff.But dream was in the end very soon, in the hal of year. RICHARD started to fuck the band and every times he has spent with his love - spirit. MARTIN has tried to play with other band named MALFORMED THOUGHT and last drop of this crisis, it was leaving of ROBERT for the family problems!Rest of band MRCY & VIKY were looking for new drum-player and they´ve found MICHAL, guy with no abilities but with good feeling for this thing. In the end of the summer MARTIN has come back and the post of main vocal was occupying by JAVOR. It was only short episode and without success. Time was going and AGONY were preparing the new record and that´s way MRCY has taken vocal parts.

AGONY definitly made record in R.S. Megasound studio in Havlickuv Brod in Sptember of 1996. Demo named "THE ABANDONMENT" including 8 songs in long of 45 mins with this line-up: MRCY - guitars / vocal, VIKY - bass, MARTIN - keyboards, MICHAL - drums + guests: KAMIL - violin a RICHARD - vocal.

The start of 1997 was in the sign of next personal changings. RICHARD came back to the band after half year pause on the post of main vocal. By the way MICHAL couldn´t catch still the faster temp of band and TOM made up him for drum set. AGONY was the first band for this guy but he very quicky sank into band. AGONY has taken episodly second guitar man PETR (EXTREME) He finished playing for his own project after two months.AGONY started to play live and they´ve worked on the new songs, which wwere recorded in May of 1997 again in R.S. Megasound in Havlickuv Brod with this line-up: MRCY - guitars, VIKY - bass, RICHARD - vocals, MARTIN - keyboards, TOM - drums + guests: KAMIL - violin a DÁŠA - female vocals.OBSCENE prod. has released "BLACK VELVET" 7"EP as the split with czech mags FORGOTTEN SILENCE and than amxisingl "...FROM RED HEAVEN"in December of 1997 on CD and MC versions.

Next chapter in the life of AGONY was the offer to meake a deal with czech label SHEER RECORDS in the start of 1998. to give out long-played album. AGONY were preparing new songs and they were going with producer Vaclav Vlachy (DARK SIDE) in studio Pierot in Valtice with the same line-up in September of 1998.

In th first quarter of 1998 SHEER rec. was releasing long-awaited first album of AGONY named "ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DUST". This stuff has got very good reviews from many mags & zines arround the world. AGONY has played gigs on many places in Czech Republic.New year 2000 was black for the band. AGONY has lost the training place. So very good time to start the biggest crisis in the cronicle of the band. Thanks to long delay with releasing and for many different opinions on every things arround the band of all members, questions about playing and style the band was slowly going to the end. RICHARD was first member who left the band and during the month MARTIN (keys) & VIKY left band too.

Strong root of band MRCY & TOM after summer break started to form new line-up. STANDA (ASHELA) has come into band on the post bass-player and band was working very very hard on the new stuff. AGONY filled up last cell of band in the end of October with full ability man RADIM (LEHKEJ BEAT). AGONY were preparing new songs for the second album to make a new record in the end of spring of 2001. First gig with new line-up were played in the end of April of 2001.

The summer of 2001 is in the sign of supports for stable line-up of AGONY. MILAN (ex ASHELA) boards on the post of second guitar and KRISTÝNA (ex RETURN TO INNOCENCE) completes line-up with long-awaited female vocals. AGONY are preparing to make record of new song for compilation Temno II. It will be in the end of holiday in studio of Milos DODO Dolezal in Zirovnice.

Personal changing still aren´t in the end... After recording of the promo song "In Nomine" KRISTYNA and then during the three months ELVIS too left the band for their personal problems with no other free time for AGONY. AGONY are preparing to make a new record for the second full-length album, again in studio Zirovnice. In the end of 2003 AGONY found very good support on the post female vocals and keyboards together, PETRA. With this new line-up AGONY recorded during the January of 2004 album "CALL THE RAIN" for the Czech label I.F.A. records, and released in March of 2004. With new live show AGONY played in countryside and some gigs in Austria and Serbia. In the summer of 2003 Tom had to give up the post of drummer for his job, that´s way FERY (SORROW) came to support the band to bring new vital power for new songs, like PETRA. New album is preparing on the autumn of 2004. Enjoy, new stuff will be again different and more faster!!!.
Quelle: http://www.agony.dacicko.comDiscografie"Face Of Death" MC 1995

"The Abandonment" MC 1996

"Black Velvet" split 7"EP 1997

"...From Red Heaven" MCD/MC1997

"Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust" CD/MC 1999

"In Nomine..." Promo 2001

"Call The Rain" CD 2003


Call The Rain - Cover
"Call The Rain" - als ob das nötig wäre - in Hamburg tränt der Himmel - und mir die Ohren - im übertragenen Sinne. Die tschechische Band AGONY bezeichnet ihre Musik als Doom.