In Twilight´s Embrace


The history of In Twilights Embrace dates back to the summer of 2003, when the paths of five individuals converged at the point where the hardcore message is backed up by the metal spirit. Initially under the name Over the Edge, the band managed to play several shows with the Polish metal and hardcore trademarks such as Faust Again, Angelreich and No Heaven Awaits Us and release the self-titled demo. Undergoing the names change in the early days of 2005, the five-piece benefited in earning much more complex compositions and what one may call their own sound. Working relentlessly on the tracks for the upcoming album Buried in Between, In Twilights Embrace developed a multitude of ideas which made up their own brand of metal core aiming at perfection and progress. Most often compared to The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth and Heaven Shall Burn, the group members admit that despite such compliments, the last word in this genre has not been said yet and they intend to expand their music as widely as possible. The release of their debut record Buried in Between (Life004) on LifeLine Records shall be supported by numerous live appearances. So keep your eyes and ears wide open as the huge wave of chest-ripping metal core approaches and stay tuned!


2005 - Promo 2005 (Demo)

2006 - Buried In Between

2009 - Promo (Demo)

2011 - Slaves To Martyrdom

2014 - Gravitate Towards The Unknown (Demo)

2015 - The Grim Muse

2016 - Trembling (EP)

2017 - Vanitas

2018 - Lawa



Buried In Between - Cover
Drei-Wort-Bandnamen sind normalerweise ein guter Indikator dafür, dass es sich um eine Metalcore- oder Emoband handelt.