BiografieMaybe it´s wrong to call Thyrfing a unique band, but their musical evolution and progression, still with their roots in mind, has given the band a wide amount of fans all over the world. Thyrfing plays their Metal with a northern touch alongside their folk- and symphonic influences, and they are counted among the finest of their genre.

The band was formed in the beginning of 1995, and after two demo-tapes Hammerheart Records picked them up in 1997. Their first self-titled album, produced by Tomas Skogsberg at well-known Sunlight Studio, saw the light of day in March 1998. The press agreed upon that the album was maybe not a masterpiece, but a warning for what to come. Thyrfing was a band with potential.

Exactly one year after the debut, “Valdr Galga” was released. This time recorded at Abyss Studio and produced by Tommy Tägtgren. The album received amazing reviews everywhere and 1999 turned out to be one of the most successful periods of the band. Thyrfing played at Dynamo Open Air, followed by a three-week tour with Six Feet Under, Vader, Enslaved, Cryptopsy and Nile. For this tour Hammerheart released Thyrfing´s two demos on a limited CD called “Hednaland”.

During the opening of the new millennium, Thyrfing was ready to unleash their primordial force. Once again with Tommy Tägtgren, “Urkraft” was put on tape and released in August. The year also held two mini-tours with Primordial and Shadowbreed through The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In autumn 2001 Dug-Out Studio was entered (together with well-known producer Daniel Bergstrand) to record the most diverse and mature Thyrfing-album this far: “Vansinnesvisor”. The album was released in July the following year, masterly packaged by Niklas Sundin, and was a big step forward for the band. With more experimental vocals, distinct and focused songs, with odd instruments such as keyed fiddle and homemade percussion and with a majority of Swedish lyrics, the band won new ground and rooted their position within the genre.

To support the album, Thyrfing played during the winter two support gigs (for Freedom Call and Dismember) in Stockholm, and did a small headliner tour in Benelux with Cruachan and Shadowbreed. The year of 2003 followed with further live-promotion such as the Generation Armageddon Festivals (including Ancient Rites, Septic Flesh, Primordial, Blood Red Throne & Skyfire), a 12-day European tour throughout Europe and performances on the main festival-stages of 2000 Decibel in Sweden and Wacken Open Air in Germany.

In the beginning of 2005 the band decided to sign a deal with a new label, namely Regain Records from Sweden, and during the summer the fifth album “Farsotstider” (“Times of Plague”) was recorded (as well as a successful appearance at Sweden Rock Festival). “Farsotstider” was mainly recorded at Cosmos Studio in Stockholm with producer Henrik Edenhed (Lambretta, Kent) and is another impressive chapter in the Thyrfing saga. For the first time the lyrics are entirely in Swedish and the album truly shows the band as it’s best. So lean back, and enjoy another strong release from Thyrfing!
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CD 2002

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Valdr Galga
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Farsotstider - Cover
Archaisch und fortschrittlich, dreckig (nicht nur im Gesicht) und doch wunderschön. Die schmutzigen Schweden nennen ihr neues und fünftes Full-Length Album.
Hels Vite - Cover
In meinen Augen waren THYRFING schon immer die Speerspitze des Vikinggenres.
Urkraft - Cover
Die Nordmänner, die ihren Bandnamen dem Schwert der Trolle entliehen hat, machen sich daran, mit ihrem 3. Album die Herzen der winkingerverliebeten Zunft zu gewinnen.