The Briefs are a punk rock/new wave band from Seattle, Washington US formed in 1999.Original and current line-up:Daniel J. Travanti- guitar, vocals
It’s a beautiful autumn morning in Bergen, Norway. The sun is shining down from a clear, blue sky.
Das Jahr 1999 sah die Veröffentlichung eines der außergewöhnlichstenAlben des Jahres. D.D. Verni’s Sidekick THE BRONX CASKET CO. hatte mit
Straight up brutal metal with groovy traits. That's what Denmarks The Burning is about.
The Butterfly Effect emerged from the Brisbane underground hard rock scene in 2001 with their debut self-titled EP which instantly gained recognition on national youth radio network, Triple J.
Complex polyrythmic psychadelica for the discriminating consumer.Instrumental, textural and deep. Possible descendents of King Crimson
The Carrier are one of Boston's newest and most interesting hardcore bands. Their brand of powerful melodic hardcore is the next chapter of evolution in their genre.
The Casanovas were originally formed in 1999 with all three original members hailing from Melbourne, Australia.
Ende 98 hatten M. W. Wild, Maxe Raith und Markus Müller die Schnauze voll von local gigs und schlecht bezahlten Shows.
When Estate saw the end of the road in 2007 it was high time to bring back unconstraint to the remaining band members.
"From the mean streets of Elkton Maryland come six of the baddest assessed..."Nope.
The Change was formed summer 2003 in a small Swedish town and an area called the deer moss.
What a difference a couple of years can make.
The Chasm: Procreation of the Lost Deathcult at the Infraworld of The Veil.