Originally formed in 1998, guitarist Stefan Aronsson and drummer David Lindkvist decided to form technical metal band Terminal Function with the vision of creating challenging and extreme music.
In the real world, it takes time and hard work to become an overnight success.
"This band [Terror] has the sound, the passion, and the work ethic to turn attention of even them most fickle fan squarely towards its stage." Thrasher
US Grindcore legend TERRORIZER is back with a brutal crack of skull and bones!
In the fall of 2000 vocalist/bassplayer Johan Norström along with guitarists Michael Bergvall and Stefan Widmark founded Terrortory.
TERRORWHEEL aus Turku, Finnland bestehen seit Sommer 2000. Das Power-Trio um Sänger und Basser Marco The Missile überrollt die Metal-Szene mit der Dynamik eines Panzers.
Bozzio, Terry John. Born 12/27/50, San Francisco, Cal.
Die Band TERVINGI wurde 2011 von Ex-LYFTHRASYR Gitarrist Johann Frey gegründet.
Although Tesla emerged during the glory days of hair metal, they never completely fit the spirit of the times.
With the "energy of the Ramones and the innocence of Ash", Southend-based indie punks Tessmarka have already been labelled "one of the best bands in South Essex" by local music press.
Testament was one of the first thrash metal bands to emerge from the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980´s.
BiographyThanatos...an illustrious name that has been haunting the Underground Metal scene since 1984...