BiografieEvery time generates the artists it deserves. So, like wraiths amongst the living flesh, the German black metal outfit Wraithcult establishes a devastating view upon the modern, crippled society and puts a finger in the wounds of a crushed time.

The band itself has risen from the ashes of Helfahrt, who managed to gain a well earned reputation during their 5 years of constant playing in the German and European Metal scene.

Wraithcult’s standing in the scene is further strengthened by the fact that Sebastian and Tobias Ludwig are both playing in the well known band Thulcandra. In comparison to the image-ridden phrases of satanic Black Metal, Wraithcult’s artistic approach starts from a much more existential point of view. However, the band is in no way lacking the radicalism that has always defined this genre for the sophisticated listener.

Musically speaking, Wraithcult clearly distinguishes itself from the ever-present, monotonous blast-beat routine so commonly found in this genre by a grooving Black-n-Roll attitude. Harsh, aggressive but distinctive vocals, a pounding rythm section, seemingly simple, yet very effective song structures combined with straight and remarkable riffing are the trademarks of Wraithcult’s unique sound.

Wraithcult played its first show in December 2011; several more shows have been confirmed for 2012, and many more are being planned. These live shows will mirror the band’s ideal of a visually appealing concept, best compared to a dark and sinister staging creating an atmosphere of bleakness and despair.Quelle: - Gestalt


Gestalt - Cover
„Gestalt“ ist nicht etwa das Debütalbum einer ganz jungen Band, die gerade ihre ersten Gehversuche hinter sich hat, sondern hinter WRAITHCULT stecken ein paar alte Bekannte aus München.