Satan's Wrath

by Gast
BiografieNow that the thousand-faced moon is risen SATAN'S WRATH is upon thee... Awakened by you, the legions of satan and blessed by the forces of the archfiend, this abominable band delivers satanic necrometal drenched in sacrificial blood. Relentless blasphemy, unholy sacraments of evil made by dwellers of the twilight, horrors that will make priests vomit in agony, abominations that the prophecies of old kept hidden!

SATAN'S WRATH is the only band in the world in communication with thy master through ceremonial black magic and necromantic rituals. One member alone controls 13 satanic covens worldwide and organizes the most hideous sabbaths which our lord graces in the form of the black goat. So rejoice friend and companion of hell, thou who wonderest in the midst of shades among the graves, who longest for blood and bringest horror to mortals, you child of satan, accept our sacrifice and be one with the master of slanders! BELIAL, LUCIFER, ASTAROTH! Look favourably upon us! This glory is for you my lords!

Formed in 2011 by multi-instrumentalist Tas Danazoglou (vocals, drums & bass) & Stamos K (guitars), SATAN'S WRATH deal in a style of heavy metal music which harks back to the times when the death, black and thrash genres were all considered one in the same, and only leather, spikes and bullets were real!Quelle: - Between Belial And Satan (Single)

2012 - Galloping Blasphemy


Galloping Blasphemy - Cover
So gebeutelt, wie Griechenland momentan dasteht, liegt es nahe, dass immer mehr Hellenen zum Gehörnten konvertieren… aber Spaß beiseite.