BiografieIn late 2009, an 18-year old Riff Wizard uploaded some tracks to the internet that caught the attention of a number of independent labels. After recruiting a vocalist, drummer and bassist to make his project a real life band, Groan agreed to release their first album, "The Sleeping Wizard", in October 2010 on Doomanoid Records. Very quickly the album (recorded and produced by the band themselves) received overwhelming critical praise.Quelle: - The Sleeping Wizard

2011 - Live In London

2011 - Groan/Vinum Sabbatum (Split)

2012 - The Story So Far (Split)

2012 - The Divine Right Of Kings


The Divine Right Of Kings - Cover
So ganz will es mir nicht einleuchten, warum sich die Engländer GROAN zur Stoner/Doom-Szene zählen, denn zumindest auf ihrem zweiten Album „The Divine Right Of Kings“ ist die Nähe zu den l