Expire (US)

BiografieBridge Nine Records is excited to announce EXPIRE as the newest addition to their label roster! The band, hailing from various states in the Midwest, plays hardcore the way it was meant to be and has been touring almost non-stop since their inception in August of 2009. Expire released a demo in late 2009, followed by the well-received Grim Rhythm 7inch in Spring of 2010. They went on to play Rain Fest, Sound & Fury and This is Hardcore that same year and released the Suffer the Cycle 7inch
on Six Feet Under Records in Spring of 2011. Most recently, Expire played United Blood and Sound & Fury festivals, and will be taking a jaunt to Europe this November with new labelmates Foundation. No strangers to the road, 2012 will see Expire touring, touring, touring and recording their Bridge Nine full-length debut earlier in the year. The band had this to say, "We're almost done writing the LP and couldn't be more stoked to be putting it out with Bridge Nine. We'll finish writing and recording once we get back from Europe and we can't wait to get back in the van once the album is done and hit the road. Touring is what this band is built around so prepare to see us everywhere in 2012." Bridge Nine owner Chris Wrenn commented, "Expire is one of the best bands in the Midwest right now and I love their take on simple and stripped-down yet super fun and heavy hardcore. If you haven't seen this band play live yet, I recommend you do. In the meantime look up their live videos from Sound & Fury - you'll be sold. Their Bridge Nine debut is going to be a ripper and I couldn't think of a more complimentary band for our roster right now. We're psyched."Quelle: www



The Pendulum Swings - Cover
EXPIRE ballern sich auf „The Pendulum Swings“ in gut 20 Minuten durch zwölf Songs, die irgendwo zwischen New Yorker Stil, TRAPPED UNDER ICE und alten TERROR angesiedelt.