BiografieDeathbreed – a new breed of Swedish Death Metal

Deathbreed was founded in the fall of 2009 when Samuel and Ted discovered they shared a musical vision within Death Metal.

During 2010 William Hultqvist – Vocals joined the band and Deathbreed recorded their first Demo EP, Masters of the Soil.

They did their first gig as support act to local SYN:DROM.
The gig was praised by the critics and that directly led to acheiving more live gigs.

2011 –Emil Nissilä (drums) and Anton Flodin (bass) joined the band. And they recorded their first music video, "Pulverized".

In the fall Deathbreed WON the Metal festival"Nordfest" opening act competition. WithWhich draw a lot of attention to the band.

After that Deathbreed went into the studio to record the EP "Your Stigmata" followed by a support gig for Aeon.

2012 - in the end of Januari Deathbreeds signs with the label Pantherfarm. Which will release the EP "Your Stigmata" March 10 2012Quelle: www


Your Stigmata - Cover
DEATHBREED legen mit der “Your Stigmata”-EP ihre erste Label-Veröffentlichung vor.