BiografieComing from Brittany (western France), BELENOS was formed as one-man-band by Loïc Cellier in 1995. BELENOS is the Celtic/Gallic god of the sun.

Influenced by the early Black Metal scene of Norway, the music of BELENOS always was and remains a mix of Black Metal (fast and dark) and Pagan Metal (dark and slow parts with Celtic choirs) . The universe of BELENOS is like a lonely journey through wild, dark moors and old traditions of the Celtic lands.

After 3 demo tapes BELENOS turned into a real band and started to play live. In 2000 they signed with Sacral Prod. who released their highly acclaimed albums 'Errances oniriques', 'Spicilège' and the 2-CD demo compilation 'L'ancien temps', which gained them many fans in France and around the globe.

At th eend of 2004 BELENOS became a one-man-band again and stopped all live activities. In 2006 Adipocere records released BELENOS third album 'Chants de bataille' which had been recorded with the help of session drummer Gilles Delecroix (ex Aborted).

One year later BELENOS signed with Northern Silence Productions who released the critically acclaimed fourth full length 'Chemins de souffrance' that same year and in 2009 the completely rerecorded and improved version of the long sold out debut album 'Errances oniriques'.

In early 2010 BELENOS with a line-up completed by 3 session members, returned to the stage to play 4 very successful festival gigs in France. Further live appearances are possible but due to lack of time and remoteness of their location nothing is planned as of yet.

The new full length 'Yen sonn gardis' was recorded between Dec'09 & Apr'10 at BELENOS home studio as always and mixed/mastered at the same place in june'10 . The entire album is sung in Breton, the old Celtic language of Brittany, which is very similar to Cornish but is spoken by a mere 200 000 people throughout the world. As always, the lyrics deal with classical themes such as winter, death, pride, nature, Celtic legends and rituals, ancient battles.
It is planned to reissue the sold out albums 'Spicilège' and 'Chants de bataille' and then to write the 6th album...
Quelle: – Notre Amour Eternel (Demo)

1997 – Triste Pensée (Demo)

1998 – Allégorie D’une Souffrance (Demo)

1998 – Notre Amour Eternel (Reissue)

2001 – Errances Oniriques

2002 – Spicilège

2004 – L’ancien Temps (Compilation)

2006 – Chants De Bataille

2007 – Chemins De Souffrance

2009 – Errances Oniriques (Rerecorded Reissue)

2009 – L’ancien Temps (Doppel-LP)

2010 – Yen Sonn Gardis


Yen Sonn Gardis - Cover
Das Ein-Mann-Projekt BELENOS aus Frankreich wurde im Jahr 1995 von Loïc Cellier gestartet, entwickelte sich zu Beginn des neuen Jahrtausends zu einer echten Band, wurde aber Ende 2004 wieder zum Solod