Mr. Death

BiografieEarly rehearsals, with Juck (ex. Treblinka/Tiamat), Alex (ex. Oceanlift) and Jonas (ex. Void/Massive), during early 2007 formed Mr. Death. However, it was not until the end of summer 2007 when Jocke (ex. Digression Assassins) joined the band and Mr.Death started for real. We recruited Stefan (ex. Treblinka/Tiamat/Expulsion) in the beginning of 2008 and since then the band is complete.

In March 2008, Mr. Death entered the unholy grounds of Sunlight Studio to record the debut demo "Unearthing", together with Tomas Skogsberg.

In December 2008 Mr. Death entered Sunlight Studio again and finally the 31 of Oct 2009 the debut album "Detached From Life" was released on Agonia Records. Quelle: - Unearthing (Demo)

2009 - Detached From Life

2010 - Unearthing (Single)

2010 - Death Suits You (EP)

2011 - Descending Through Ashes


Death Suits You - Cover
Schöner Name. Fast wie weiland der Schnaps beim Waldrock in Belgien. Mindestens genauso antiquiert kommen MR.
Descending Through Ashes - Cover
In Zeiten von Auf-Deibel-komm-raus-Selbstzweck-Frickel-Kompost im Death Metal-Genre wirken waschechte Old School-Combos inzwischen leider fast schon wie Fremdkörper - Songs, die auf einer überschaubar