Way To End

by Gast
BiografieWAY TO END's "Desecrated Internal Journey" is everything its title promises… and more. With alchemic magick otherwise elusive to the impoverished, unwashed herds, WAY TO END weaves sinuous, disarmingly dissonant spells of elevated-consciousness. Black Metal is the starting point but by no means the end of their journey. In fact, these French enigmas bask in The Infinite. Simultaneously sensory overload and sensory depravation, this full-length- rrithing and wending, contorting and distorting - is the path upon which they beckon the listener/vessel.
Details concerning WAY TO END's formation are as shadowy and beyond-the-grasp as the music they create. There are four members and they found each other in 2006; further info is neither necessary nor relevant. This collective aims for a more avant garde methodology, abandoning all restrictive rules and shattering preconceptions; rearranging riff, rhythm, and structure into mystical vapour trails of non-convention.

Perhaps most importantly, though, "Desecrated Internal Journey" can be viewed as an album of contrasts - albeit distinctions emanating from shades of pitch-black. Murk to propulsion; profundity to crudity; elegance to grime; chaos harnessed into control; melody malformed; expectation upended into dislocation: here is the WAY TO END.Quelle: - Desecrated Internal Journey


Desecrated Internal Journey - Cover
Es gibt Platten, die einfach geil sind. Dann gibt es die, die zwar gut sind, aber keine potentiellen Klassiker.