BiografieNazxul, enfant terrible of the first wave of epic Black Metal antagonists of the early 1990s began their illustrious career in a blaze of flashing light and explosive noise. In secrecy and clouded in mystery their true identity is unknown. It is unimportant. The Nazxul will always be.

The first musical offering from these extremists from the Southern Hemisphere, in 1994 a self-titled Demo (Vampire Records), was met with a mixture of astonishment and ultimate praise from critics, allegiance and enthusiasm by extreme music disciples, and revulsion by the ignorant and myopic. The raging fire of musical chaos burnt brightly early on, but would only gain in intensity from this early promise.

A breath of fresh air in uncertain times, Nazxul returned in 1996 to unleash and circulate “Totem” (Vampire Records), the assembly’s Debut Full-Length CD. An instant classic, still quoted in Black Metal circles as a significant influence, “Totem” establishes Nazxul in the elite of the Extreme Music fraternity. Sweeping away pretenders with 11 tracks of pure cult magnificence, Nazxul had arrived, but barely even begun.

Mostly ignored by the greater metal world, still unsure of what to make of their psychotic noise terrorism, Nazxul complete the recording and release of their breath-taking EP “Black Seed” (Hekal Xul) in 1997. Containing their opus “Vow of Vengeance” and 3 other blazing epic creations, the group set a new benchmark for other bands to reach. Still, to this day a torrential display of intensity and grandeur that would leave few doubting their talents, it served to crush any previous uncertainties anyone may have had about their abilities. Nazxul were indeed ahead of their time. Their time was still to come.

Nazxul would engage their first ever Live Ritual Performance in 1998 to stunned audiences across their home territories. Word quickly spread about these occult happenings. Nazxul’s reputation was esteemed yet again. A sold-out tour with Impaled Nazarene and Nazxul was realised in 1999, and the collective were subsequently asked to perform at Australia’s premiere Extreme music festival Metal for the Brain (2000) where they delivered one of the most blistering illustrations of deranged, sonic assault, and avant destruction in memory. They were deemed too cult, and banned from performing there again.

Nazxul were headed for the summit at a great speed, anything seemed possible for them. It was at this time that they chose to disappear altogether. To many it appeared it may be for ever.

During these disappeared years, the underground would appear to rise from the depths of obscurity, and sweep up the vanguard of extreme music creators (seminal and new), to the top of a great wave. There would be no glory days for the vanished Nazxul, as their contemporaries continued to fight each other off to seize their own moment in the sun.

This temporary zeitgeist hypnotised and bedazzled all. Bands changed their clothes, recanted their words, rejected many of their past creations. Tempted by worthless idols: fame and filthy lucre, they would dance to a nauseating rhythm, and disgrace themselves to their followers. Like a trail of ants to garbage, or a carcass infested with maggots, the parasites gorged on their own “glory”. Those times have disappeared. Most have gone, evaporated into obscurity or irrelevance. Good riddance!

Too much time has passed in silence. Many years have vanished without true vision.

The day of return has arrived.
Nazxul reappears! “Iconoclast” is here.

The Second Wave of Extreme Black Metal has come.

10 years in the making. The first new offering in 11 years.

The promised, and long-awaited Second Full-Length CD “Iconoclast”
(Moribund Records / Eisenwald).

14 movements of apocalypse and magnificence await.

The underground has returned to claim its rightful place. Destruction to idols and false prophets.

“I am Iconoclast!”
“I am oblivion!”

Nazxul is dead. Long live Nazxul!
Quelle: Demo 1994

Totem CD 1995

Black Seed EP 1998

Live CD 2002

4 Spears In God's Ribs Split-CD 2003

Develish Purification Split-CD 2004

Black Seed Best-of-CD 2005

Iconoclast CD 2009



Iconoclast - Cover
Noch eine Musikerversammlung, diesmal aus Australien.