Argy : Vocals
Andreas : Bass
Tolis : Guitars

Over the past years NIGHTSTALKER have earned a reputation due to their pure Rock ‘n Roll attitude and their constant live activity, and been lauded with the highest praise and respect since their beginnings in 1990.
The whole concept was realized by the singer (and drummer at that time), Argy, who was the founder member of the band.
After generating quite a bit of excitement in their live appearances and some participations in compilations, such as 'Divin' and 'Toxic Babes in a R'n'R Land', the first album came...
In 1995, the first release was the EP: SideFx, from the label 'Iptamenoi Diskoi' & Hitch-Hyke. Songs such as Spit, What Your Name Is and Keep Knockin' became the main attraction at the spectacular Nightstalker live shows. But, through the Mad Prophet song, the band showed what they're really made of and gave their fans the idea of what was to come... It was only the beginning...
The success of the first album led to the band accepting the offer of FM Records to release the next full-length album.
And this album was Use...
Give Me, Use, Raw, TriggerHappy, This is U and virtually every song made this album a classic and Nightstalker became an institution in the stoner rock scene.
A 'classic' album which was re-released (after the request of many fans) in 2007...
After one year 'Hill' left the band and the rest continued as a trio.
The new millennium gives us the next release, the EP The Ritual... A very dark and stoner album with unforgettable tracks such as Galactic Revolution, Hide Your Sun and the cover of Motorhead's Iron Horse.
A drummer joined the band for the live appearences. The live performance of the band were now unbelievable...
They current line-up is formed with a new guitarist. His name is Tolis and has worked with Argy before, in a project called 'Superdoz'.
In 2004 they released the successful album ‘Just A Burn’ and they gain a big recognition and a new strong fan-base. People loved since day one the tunes of All Around, the self-titled Just A Burn, Voodoo U Do, Line etc...
Now the band finished the recordings of the new album, ‘Superfreak’ and they signed with the historic label from USA, MeteorCity. The album will be released in September 2009.
Keep on rockin'... Quelle: Sperfreak www


Dead Rock Commandos - Cover
NIGHTSTALKER machen auf „Dead Rock Commandos“ da weiter, wo sie anno 2009 aufgehört haben und bieten verkifften, erdigen Stoner Rock.
Superfreak - Cover
Bei dem düsteren Bandnamen ware eine fiese Krachkombo zu erwarten gewesen, aber weit gefehlt – das griechische Trio hat mit MONSTER MAGNET mehr gemein als mit SLAYER.