The Cassidy Scenario

BiografieWhen Estate saw the end of the road in 2007 it was high time to bring back unconstraint to the remaining band members. Playing music was their life and it seemed so farcical that it had become so automatic, almost heartless. Bernd/Cassidy: "The death of Estate was not the end but the beginning. For the remaining four of us it was out of the question to continue playing music together and to rediscover us as musicians, persons and friends.” So here they are, The Cassidy Scenario, breathing in and out.

The Cassidy Scenario’s output is punk and it’s hardcore. But most of all it’s an ‘up the backside’ to a scene that sees melody and catchiness as a taboo that excludes complexity and deepness in songwriting and lyricism. This band bends and breaks the boundaries of the term “melodic hardcore” and finds new ways of creating complex, explosive and tuneful music.

Taking a range of diverse influences, not the least of which include Will Haven, This Is Hell, Modern Life Is War, Poison The Well and Comeback Kid, The Cassidy Scenario released a 2-song demo in May 2008. Bernd/Cassidy on this first sign of life: "Writing these first two songs felt like going back to what music originally meant to us… not conforming to any trend or expectations." This f.u. attitude showcases The Cassidy Scenario’s ability to evolve as a unique band far from the rest of the hardcore pack.

A restless ‘on the road’ attitude and lifestyle combined with their excellent musicianship makes the band a winner at every show they play. Bernd about The Cassidy Scenario’s greatest passion: "Being on stage and playing music means the world to us. Over the years it has become so much like home. With the new fire in Cassidy things have grown even more intense than with Estate”.

If the band’s kickoff is any indication of how serious the guys in The Cassidy Scenario are about going their own way and taking every further step on the ladder with adamant dedication, then it’s apparent that the next few years are going to be quite the ride. Quelle: Demo 2008


Demo 2008 - Cover
THE CASSIDY SCENARIO geben mit dieser EP ein erstes Lebenszeichen von sich und wollen Lust auf ihr Anfang 2009 erscheinendes Album machen.