December Flower

BiografieThe Story of "December Flower" started, when "Chronicle of Tyrants" came to an end. The creative core of CoT decided to proceed creating their own style of Melodic Death Metal. So Manuel Siewert, Michael Tybussek and Nils Werner continued their work and "December Flower" was born.
In Summer 2007 they recorded some rehearsal tracks ( e.g. Despise Your Life ) at s/w recording studio with Simon Werner on drums, who will join them as permanent drummer in future.
Now it is time to bring the songwriting process to an end, in order to record the debut album as soon as possible and to get back on stage, where they belong. Quelle: When All Life Ends

2008 Moloch EP


Moloch (EP) - Cover
DECEMBER FLOWER gingen aus CHRONICLE OF TYRANTS hervor, was nicht die schlechteste Referenz ist.
When All Life Ends... - Cover
“Moloch” war 2008 ein guter Einstand für DECEMBER FLOWER, die danach nicht nur am Debütalbum werkelten, sondern auch bei Cyclone Empire unterschrieben.