BiografieMade sick by watching what was once a counter-culture spin mindlessly down into an abyss of meaningless lyrics, masturbatory mosh calls, and mainstream mentality, a community that was once socially aware and politcally potent regress into a scene that condones bigotry and conservative religious bullshit, a place that was one served as a safe haven for outcasts and underdogs degenerate into a venue for assholes to posture and flex, where kids traded their rage for a pair of sneaks and bands traded their ideals for merch sales- a few friends got together and formed Kingdom. Hailing from South Philadelphia (the greatest neighborhood in the US), these 4 vegan straight edge kids kick out modern hardcore with old school ethics, lyrically speaking out against oppression in all forms- from animal exploitation and global labor abuse to poverty and rape, from far-reaching atrocities to personal catastrophies, contrasting feelings of hopelessness with those of empowerment. In only a year and a half of being a band, Kingdom has toured the country 4 times in their veggie oil powered bus and released a 6 song EP on Goodbye Blue Skies records a 4 song 7" on New Age Records.
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The Rage That Guides - Cover
KINGDOM sind eine der Bands, die beweisen, dass Hardcore mehr als nur Musik ist. Oder besser: sein sollte.